End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Fauci and Dogs!

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He is a globalist/satanist and the death of billions is their goal! Wake up America!!! Pictured with Soros and the cabal, he is their front man. The WHO is also a front for them. See proof at “bitchute.com” Global warning. Kissinger quote from speech at the WHO Council on Eugenics, February 25, 2009, “Once the herd accepts mandatory vaccinations it’s game over… they will accept anything…” “we thin out the herd and they pay us for extermination services.” Maybe we can get Fauci for animal abuse the way we got Al Capone for tax evasion! They are willing to kill both Republicans and Democrats…. Satan hates all humans. Do you really want God saying to you,…..”You asked for it!” Because you voted for it. So, when do CCP holders head to Texas to support National Guard, to fend off apparent armed cartel offensive heading toward border? Every border state governor should consider inviting this patriotic help. The Pentagon may not have the “stars” to defend our nation. Warning Mexico that we will attack their side of the border if they do not join us in this defense, seems appropriate. As we are finding out in our country, doing nothing is complicity, participation in wrong doing! Voting for it is guilt by association. Replacing the USA citizens with foreign citizens is the goal. Replace? How? By killing off our citizens via Vax… while NOT requiring vax”s of “invaders” Even if they have it, they will not be killed by Cov19 because their exposure to the sun for weeks of travel has boosted their D-3 through the roof. D-3 is a natural defense… but then your government didn’t tell you that did they? So… it is death by Vax for citizens and welcome home for refugees. There was an Evans at the Alamo. PS: Did you notice Biden kiss the head of the Virginia governor’s wife when greeting her on the stage? Really? He can not help himself….. another globalist / satanist. PPS, you can not be in the globalist cabal without swearing and oath to Lucifer.

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