End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

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Biden and the Globalist Armies of the USA

Biden and the Globalist Armies of the USA are in our future.
If globalist Hillary had been elected, our military would have become Globalist Armies under her control. The One World Order would then have had military in place all over the world! Trump wants to bring the military home. The generals that have spoken against Trump are known globalists. Google their names. Concentrating our forces here is insurance. The military will still guard us on a world wide scale with what is called “projected power.” Justice over Russiagate will be disposed of if Biden or any other democrat is elected, just as it would have been if Hillary had been elected. The Deep State was depending on it so as to enlist help like Comey. AG BARR will be replaced. Biden is a globalist, Democratic leadership on all levels are globalists. NOT ALL Democrats are globalists. Some are still true patriots. Even some Republicans are globalists. It is no longer Republican or Democrat. It is Patriotism/Nationalism versus Globalism. It is Biblical Ways versus Godless ways. Side Note: Destroying historical landmarks is another way of erasing America. We learn from history. This extermination of who we were also erases how we have become who we have become. This is the globalist agenda at work subversively. They always hide behind something.