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Nato vs Russia = Globalist vs Nationalist

In the shadows, much of Nato and Europe has become Globalist by choice or by manipulation. Nationalism or Patriotism is the enemy of Globalism.

Putin is a Nationalist / Patriot. He loves Russia and will do anything to protect it ie by enlarging it.

Ukraine has vacillated between a righteous democracy and corruption. Corrupt globalist influences helped produce the Russia collusion dossier against Trump. Then, as in America, a more principled leader was elected and many truths came out about the Obama administration and Joe Biden’s corrupt influence over the former Ukrainian government.

As long as Trump was President, Putin knew Russia was safe because Trump is a Nationalist Patriot like Putin. No aspirations for taking over Russia.

Putin knows the last American Presidential election was “fixed” by the Globalist cabal. Putin has not seen any correction or prosecution of the guilty. Putin is now hedging his bets via Ukraine so it will not become a Globalist puppet again.

Our Globalist America condition (along with many NATO countries) does not help Ukraine it only hurts. Putin must act now.

Putin does not see how a conservative President can be elected again in America because of the corrupt election results. The Globalists will simply do it again if allowed. That makes America his arch enemy. Only the people can change that.

Putin has observed the desecration and destruction of the American economy and her strengths while the elite of our economy, the Globalist’s, prosper at the people’s expense. You know the industries I am talking about.

Putin is shaking his head in wonder that the conservative people of America would allow such a thing. A guest today on the Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show, (formerly Rush’s show) said, “Putin is trying to do to America what America did to Russia, that is to out spend us into oblivion because he is now monetarily able!” IN FACT: Biden and the Globalist’s are helping this take place and Putin sees it. The crushing of the American economy IS the Globalist agenda and tells Putin America is no longer a Patriotic/Nationalist nation.

Putin sees a Vaccine “mandate” as not a mandate at all but a weapon to bring even the conservative population under the thumb of a few, a few Globalists, less than 3% of the population. Behind the curtain they implement society-dissolving policies, masks, open boarders, separation, isolation, canceling, penalties for disobedience, political and economic upheaval that could cause their Pandemic policies, both political and economic, to last for generations. National Sovereignty can no longer exist, only a global effort will work training all for a new epoch of Global peace. To Globalist’s only their agenda will work!

Henry Kissinger in the Wall Street Journal April 3, 2020, wrote, ” Leaders are dealing with the (Pandemic) crisis on a largely national basis, but the virus’s society-dissolving effects do not recognize borders. While the assault on human health will—hopefully—be temporary, the political and economic upheaval it has unleashed could last for generations. No country, not even the U.S., can in a purely national effort overcome the virus. Addressing the necessities of the moment must ultimately be coupled with a global collaborative vision and program. If we cannot do both in tandem, we will face the worst of each.”

Now you see their plan spoken by one of their own. Now we look around and see it happening. Putin does too!

A mandate is by definition a command. It is also defined as, the will of the voters as expressed in an election. The latter is what I identify. Ask the democrats who voted for Biden, “Is he still your will?”
The will of the people is against these mandates because there is no law supporting the “do this or else” order being brandished as a sword at our throats and at the Canadians hearts.

The policies of the Biden Globalist administration are antithetical to the well being of America and the Constitution. Putin knows this. WE know this.

It is likely impossible for Putin to see a Godly America to be resurrected via a fair election. The Canadian condition only exacerbates his conclusions.

If America does not, I repeat, does not fully prosecute these American traitors, these vow breaking elected criminals, these deserters of the Constitution, unto death or imprisonment, then an EMP attack by Russia is likely our next experience as a Globalist led nation. Should Conservatives take control again, I mean non-Globalists, China could likely launch that attack. Russia should know and be assured they will also be a sure target with appropriate follow up military actions by China or an ally of theirs.

America, Russia, and Israel have been the major holdouts against Globalism. Look where we are now, our condition as a nation. Our own laws are being used against us! Not so much the letter of the law but the authority we have given elected officials who secretly had an agenda against America is being misused via over reach and will be until they are taken down by election or by military intervention. We trusted them even if by them deceiving us, and now they are going all out “mandating” Globalist policies that violate our freedoms. There is only one result. America rises or America falls.

World domination is the Globalist plan. It can not happen when there are countries that will not join in. America, Russia, and Israel and our way of life is the arch enemy of their agenda.

ONLY a national realization of these facts will open our eyes to their subtleties and clandestine efforts. We must start to recognize who is behind the curtain and has been for a long time, through many elections, both parties.

Only the realization of how many things Trump was and is right about might bring the correct conclusion that he really is the true President and a military action to arrest the guilty traitors while placing Trump back in power is fully rational and just. I say Constitutionally just. Our Constitution has separated America from every other country in the world.

The Globalist’s control at the uppermost levels in Tech, Finances, Military at upper levels, Pharmaceuticals, Elected officials via donations, and the many Godless peoples via indoctrination with appealing and selfish positions, and the destruction of the family unit, is succeeding. Even those who claim God as their own have been deceived because of their immature relationships with God and the Word of God.

The wide spread pandemic of guilt, of violation of their oath of office to support the Constitution, is the uniform violation that stands out among the elected as well as the appointed. Everything else supports those charges, be it bribery, lying under oath, seditious behavior and planning, a planned virus attack on the population, the intended poisoning of the citizenry via vaccines. Even simply and unilaterally ignoring the Constitution by launching a multi year impeachment attack on a sitting, duly elected President, while compounding their guilt by illegally spying on him. They are draped in the guilt of a torn Constitution, ripped asunder by a total disregard for any law but theirs. Everyone who colluded must be tried and punished, imprisoned or executed. A Constitutionally lawful video recorded military tribunal, that the public can be shown later, where proof of their guilt is evident and their punishment is justly exacted, must be again I say Constitutionally imposed.

Trump set everything back. While doing so we as a nation were allowed to see evil and it’s relentless efforts. The Globalist’s can not let that happen again. Putin knows this. If America goes down Russia is next. Russia (and her allies) ultimately may attack Israel because Israel depends on America the Globalist giant! I always wondered what the reason would be.

China is the enemy Putin is “keeping closer,” as Don Corleone said. Israel, mark my words and the Word of God, will never go down. Jesus will return just in time.

If Trump is as smart as I believe he is, Trump made a secret Nationalistic / Patriotic non-aggression pact with Putin against China. If they attack us Putin attacks them and vice versa.