End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

About the Author

Mike at first Roman bridge in Israel

Author at first Roman bridge in Israel

By amazing “coincidences,” Michael, in his pre-Christ life, learned of two secret plots to assassinate him. In what can only be described as a Divine Supernatural event, Michael was plucked out of the hands of his enemies.

Not long after getting saved, additional things happened that were beyond his imagination. Another supernatural event defined how God would use Michael in the future. He did not fully grasp it back then.

Now, 33 years later, Michael believes that in God’s plan for every man, his personal hour has come. God’s prophecy through Daniel 12 is being fulfilled in the awakening message of Exit Strategy and these postings. The awakening message will mean distress for all, eternal life for some and everlasting contempt for others.

As a man with the gift of exhortation, Michael is challenged by the motivational gift of prophet also within him. One gift makes friends, the other makes enemies. The exhort-er desires the best for his fellow man. In the prophetic, one is compelled to die to man’s approval, for the sake of man. Jesus did the same.

The ensuing rescue of many “believers” from the Apostasy will be by our prophesied awakening to HIS understanding. It is an understanding we have had only glimmers of. Never as a whole.

This view, a vision only through the eyes of Jesus, will shake things up like never before. It must! This view is clearly and scripturally expressed in “Exit Strategy.” Revelation often appears as controversy. Controversy sometimes holds revelation. Jesus was controversial and held revelation!

For some “believers,” confessors only, this awakening can be their salvation through a new found Way of righteousness. It will be their doom if they reject their only means of escape. See Daniel 12. God’s appeal is to all Christians. The keys to the kingdom await all “followers.”(Matthew 16:24 NASB)

Exit Strategy is NOT about a day or an hour. It is not the doctrine of “kingdom now.” It is however about events that we see and those yet to happen, of which Jesus spoke. It is about a prophecy of His and our calling to fulfill it world-wide.

In preaching this one subject world-wide, we will be showing God that we have protected ourselves by His instructions. We will know the power of God is within us now. What is the power of God?

Be aware, the world will perceive our commitment to the message as weakness and our witness to the world will blow open the door to the audacity of darkness. This sequence of events cannot be avoided. Our preparation is paramount, darkness is imminent. Are we the light? Our survival has always been our choice. It was never guaranteed.

Michael was very happily married to Janis, his wife of 33 years. He has posted of her recent passing in, “The girl of my dreams…”.

He is a leader in his community and church. He has built, owned and operated a successful business for over 29 years. Involved over the years in all the typical church offices, including janitor, he was also known to be a Christian in all of his business associations.

Michael and his wife Janis held marriage seminars and were personally invited to  minister at a bible college in Pskov, Russia, where they taught four different graduating classes of new pastors. Their focus was marriage counseling but reconciliation was always at the heart of their testimony, teaching and ministry.

Michael believes God is focusing on that loving reconciliation in the church world-wide because it is an absolute functioning requirement for children of God. We have been given the outward “ministry of reconciliation.” (2 Corinthians 5:18 NASB)

Does reconciliation to God “save” us? Not without contradicting other scriptures.  No! Reconciliation makes eternal salvation possible! Jesus’ “life” saves us! See Romans 5:10.
For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.”

Christ via the Holy Spirit continues with us toward our actual salvation via our obedience to His teachings, (His Life, and soul.) He calls them My Commandments. They are the total of His life examples and His commands, from Father God. (John 3:36)

An ordained minister, Michael is a teacher by spiritual calling. He does not claim to be a writer yet God has him writing. His readership is growing. Having little notoriety among today’s spiritual giants Holy Spirit asked him “What was Gideon doing when the angel spoke to him?” The encouragement held there was that the once insignificant Gideon was hiding the wheat from the enemies in the wine press? This is what Exit Strategy is about. We must be hidden in Christ’s until His actual return.

Join Michael in this great and perilous time of spiritual rescue. Uncountable numbers of believers as well as the never saved are in danger of giving away their potential eternal life. God is revealing a view that we must consider.  The Apostasy spoken of by Jesus confirms, believers can and will be lost. It does not have to happen to all. We can help them and ourselves. We have been shown an Exit Strategy. Do you know what it is? Jesus knew!

Michael welcomes questions. Either comment through a post at exitstrategydaniel12.com or Facebook Michael at J. Michael Evans or email at exitstrategydaniel12@gmail.com



5 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Brother Michael,
    It was great to be able to spend an entire morning at breakfast with you and my friend Ewing McDowell in Elkton, Md. Your heart to get the Word out and inspire others to dig for the Truth is tremendous. Thanks for making us uncomfortable.

  2. Thank you Michael for your heart to see the Body of Christ prepared for the coming of the Lord. Quickly dropping offenses can be difficult and preaching the command to do so can be risky in today’s world, but it is imperative to do so without which we will not see the Lord. Continue to preach with boldness and best wishes for the success of your book!

  3. brother – good meeting you and wife at boston coffehouse – dont see a place to email – pls connect thx we want to meet again soon!

    Marc White – Walk Worthy

    • Marc,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back. We are in NC for a while. My email is wdnwngsjme@gmail.com

      Appreciated your prayers that day. Hope you will read posts and reply. I welcome questions. They sharpen my Sword. I must be able to explain my positions. I also would enjoy the dialog with you.

      Blessings from both Janis and I.

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