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Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

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Bragg Trump Fauci Soros

 April 6, 2022, Fauci blames Trump for pandemic. That was “Globalist speak”. Yes, Fauci’s statement is true, not because it is actually true but because Trump won 2016 election and stopped the Globalist agenda. The Globalists then had to release the pandemic as a way to distract and over whelm our President and nation, to circumvent his authority and efforts to “Make America Great Again,” by paralyzing him and the nation. Fauci can then say “Trump is to blame for the pandemic, and not be lying.” This is sometimes called plausible deniability.

They said “quarantine” Mr. President; “Only two weeks Mr. President” well of course Trump (as a businessman not a doctor) will support giving people a two week vacation! However we know how that turned out. We still have people wearing useless masks and getting booster shots! Which have now been proven to NOT be vaccines at all but are (by plan) causing more serious complications including death.

Trump received advice (from Fauci and several others) that had an agenda within it, a Trojan Horse if you will. Trump is not a doctor but has lived a successful life by receiving wise counsel. Fauci (the wisest of the wise) is sold out to the Globalist agenda and population reduction. Think of the Pandemic this way. As George Soros top Globalist said in July of 2020, “The unimaginable has now become necessary.”

Millions died and billions more will die. Products we all consume are now formulated with ingredients that will sterilize men! The skies are being sprayed with chem-trails that contain Aluminum, and other chemicals that will cause harm over time. They call it cloud seeding to prevent global warming. They exist at the top of the food chain and can order us to do whatever they want. Google the teaching on “The Seven Mountains.”

That first paragraph you see here was back in April of 2022. Now we know I was right. Look for a meaning behind everything they say or do. It will explain their America destroying agenda . “There is no crisis at the border” why, because the crisis fits their agenda, their plan, therefore there is no crisis. They can say it (and it is their opinion) and NOT be lying! We look at the border and ask ourselves, “How can they say that?” They say the border is “secure” because what is happening there fits their agenda. It is “securing” their agenda! This is all Global Speak. Again, ask yourself “How can they say this?” They have embraced the “relative truth” concept to their advantage and to our harm while they bask in the authority they have been given by a constitution they have cast aside as proven by their unconstitutional actions!

Did you know Attorney Bragg used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate his case against Trump and to pick the jury for the Grand Jury that (of course) indicted Trump? This is now possible with AI! In fact “AI”, is practicing law without a license! The deck is stacked against anyone where a prosecutor has access to this technology. Check out Forbidden Knowledge TV “Tore says Trump indictments were AI generated.

You need Christ in your heart to deal with what is coming.