End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

End Times: “Interest is growing.”

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“Exit Strategy” (book seen below) is now blowing shofar3available at most e-book venues.



More interest in my book is developing. I recommend all of it but to focus on the cover subject, you can go to Chapters 6.6 “He emptied Himself to leave.” Chapters 8, dealing with Matthew 24 and of interest to your pastor especially, chapter 9, the “Five Fold League of Servants,” and their responsibility before darkness hinders the Lord’s work from being done freely.

Please forward my site to those you love and to those you do not love, so you can show God your heart has been moved to His compassionate truth. Surely you do not want anyone to go to hell, especially yourself?  ???you say?  Forgive to be forgiven. Not works, obedience to His instructions. No doubt, He did it. How can we not? It is the crown of His Lordship.

If there is a publisher out there who wants to create printed versions of Exit Strategy or portions thereof, contact me at exitstrategydaniel12@gmail.com.

I would like to send copies to all major ministries, not to sell books (although selling helps pay for printed) but to believe someone who has a greater platform than I will grasp and share this critical message. The more who do the more who will be spared from the Apostasy. As I say in my book, “As greater men share this I may stand in their shadow. I already stand in the shadow of the Almighty.”

The Word says “believers” will fall away. Their love will grow cold. Are you a “believer?” Do not think more of yourself than you should. Be sure you are prepared. I thought I was. Now I am and I choose to reinforce my preparation by helping others to this preparation, this good news of the kingdom.

 The coming times will demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

You are loved as He waits for us,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, Kobo, many others and around the world.




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