End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “Seeds of forgetfulness.”

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I attended a great church service this morning. Praise and worship was wonderful. The message was powerful and packed with the truth. At the end of the service a word came forth from a member and our Pastor addressed it. Basically God was saying “Do not push me aside. I am appealing to you. I am trying to sow the truth in your heart. Do not reject My appeal to your heart.” I believe that is God’s heart precisely. No it was not sugar coated. It was love.

The pastor’s message was couched in the truth that we will reap what we sow. He quelled some thoughts in the congregation (in any congregation) by saying this was not an appeal about money but was an appeal to our hearts about even more important sowing and reaping. He then spoke to powerful possibilities we should embrace. The congregation was very responsive.

The Holy Spirit spoke also to me which I did not speak to the congregation, only to pastor and said, “I am showing you the practical (finances) while teaching you the Spiritual. Have you sown seeds of forgetfulness? How often have you wanted me to forget your sins? I have sown seeds of forgetfulness into your life. I expect a great harvest of more than I planted. My Word speaks of a “sea of forgetfulness” where I cast your sins. I tell you to cast mountains into the sea. I am not talking about a real mountain! I am talking about that mountains of offense you can not forget and maybe can not forgive because you can not forget. If I am willing to forget your sins, what fruit do I expect from you and multiplied?”

“Seed of forgetfulness?” Remember, forgiveness must come from the heart. It must be sincere. To forget is different. Forgetting is a soul, a mind, will, and emotions act. “Well I can forgive but I cannot forget.” God has sown “forgetfulness” into all who have come to Him for forgiveness. God does not want to remember our sins. God is love and everyone who loves knows God. The Word says love does not “keep an account.” Like God, we should NOT want to remember the sins committed against us. Remembering leads to an accounting problem in our souls. It can be lethal.

In my prayer time (in bed) last night, I realized that there were several (we all have several) I had forgiven and interceded for. I wanted to go further. “God I want to totally forget these offenses.” You can say that is crazy but God then reminded me that in asking for forgiveness, His forgetting our failings was an implied request and hope on our part. Wow. How many times since losing Janis had I recalled my failings (and we all have them) when thinking about “Why did God not heal Janis?” Had I hindered God? “Oh Lord say it is not so.” I truly understood weeping and gnashing of teeth. Then God in His mercy reminded me He had forgotten those “sins” years ago and He wanted me to forget them like He did, that as I well knew, Janis’ body because of the sickness had worn out, her physical heart had failed her but her spiritual heart never did.

God knows the love I had for Janis. To me it was absolute as was hers toward me. Was I  perfect? Far from it but she never seemed to remember my faults. I do not remember an argument (I did not say disagreement) in 33 years. She loved me unconditionally as I did Janis. I am still being told by concerned friends how much she loved me and how our love was a testimony and example to them. Dear God thank you for such a love.

God knows the times that are approaching. He knows forgetting is the process that destroys the lists we might keep toward others and especially about ourselves. Sure we must forgive but God knows because He required it of Himself in our relationship with Him, that we must choose to forget. The Holy Spirit will help us.

God has sown the seeds of “forgetfulness.” God expects a great harvest as you distribute many seeds of “forgetfulness” as well as “forgiveness.” He wants us to help ourselves and help those others by destroying the lists, all lists, by the power of true soul saving love from Him and then His love from within us toward others, releasing their souls totally.

Love does not keep account. “He that loveth not, knoweth not God…”

The coming times will demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

You are loved, He waits,


    Exit Strategy

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