End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “My reaction.”

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Thank you for the emails both expressing your support and also your concern for me relative to my Janis passing into the Lord’s care.

My reaction is this, I have one agenda, the rescue of souls now destined for the loss of their salvation because of the struggles coming. The Apostasy (the falling away of believers) will take many who at this moment believe they are secure in Christ. “Lord didn’t we…” (Matthew 7)

Have we become disciples? Do we study the Word frequently if not daily? Are we absolutely aware of HOW we are to endure so as to be saved? Do we even have a hunger for understanding or are we “resting” in our own ignorance of the Word while thinking Jesus has everything covered. Does He know us? Do we know Him beyond our Christmas and Easter (Resurrection Day) knowledge?

I know many reading this truly seek God and His wisdom. Many have taken into their spiritual grasp the keys to the kingdom of heaven, the good news of the kingdom, the understanding that Christ’s enduring love brings us into salvation. The foresight this holds will empower us to endure unto salvation no matter what we experience. We MUST share this power with others, saved or unsaved. Do not assume to know.

In my last post I compared God “taking” my Janis to a persecutor taking my Janis by killing her if we did not renounce our faith in Jesus. I meant to catch you off guard by using these uncharacteristic statements (for me) as a “hook.” The compassion I heard from you, the encouragement I received was wonderful. I also realize I often put out food that requires chewing on. “Hard questions” as one friend put it. “Deep thoughts” as another responded. They also questioned whether “borrowing tomorrow’s troubles” was wise and yet I know this person does not hide their head in the sand, they are hungry, hungry, hungry, and are in fact very mature in the Lord. Agreeing with them, as Jesus said, “Today has enough troubles of its own.”

My calling is to blow the Shofar, to blow it as long and as loud as I can, until God takes my breath away. It is the warning Jesus Himself first declared by the Father’s inspiration. “When you see these things happening..”

My post, “What should my reaction be?” laid out before you my choice. Was I willing to accept God’s will for my life and Janis’? Am I willing to accept His will for this world and eternity? Do I really have a choice? Do I have an eternal perspective including the defining enduring characteristics that Jesus taught as the good news of the kingdom?

As a comparison, IF we are to suffer persecution, am I ready to accept that truth as the will of God? Am I willing to be encouraged by realizing I myself will become a person of prophecy? Will I see beyond the moment into the great beyond?

God through Christ has told us these things WILL HAPPEN. If Christ submitted to the will of His Father, are we not being raised up to do the same? These troubles (and I have had some) certainly test us. By the fire of God, by the testing of our hearts, will we stand in faithful submission. “Tho He slay me yet will I praise Him.” “They loved not their lives, even unto death.” Is God in this difficulty? “They will hate you on account of Me.” If we reject, run from, or deny the prophecies of the Word of God and His Son, we not only abdicate our royal family place, we deny the Word of God, we deny Jesus, the Word. “If you deny (are ashamed of) Me before men I will deny you (be ashamed of you) before My Father.” (emphasis)

If my life experience can speak to you of preparation when Janis passing was NOT persecution but only a similitude, then you have understood. By grace God prepared me by sharing His will “I want her with me.” Of course I pressed on in prayer. Now I realize the grace that was in His preemptive kindness. There is no question. “Did I not pray enough Lord? Was I not faithful enough Lord? Did I not love Janis enough Lord?” NO. His will was done. My rest is in that fact. He is my peace. Will our rest be in the facts, as the future as He has told it unfolds?

I thank God that I have ONLY praised Him. ONLY!  As my loving Aunt Doris  shared, hearing her concern for me in a response after reading the post in question, she said in her (similar) times of distress, when it was she and God, she prayed to avoid bitterness, she kept the faith!” Oh yes. I have witnessed her bubbling joy and kindness. She loved Janis, as everyone did. She loves me and I am glad. What a beautiful example of Christ she is.

To my special friends, I am not borrowing trouble from tomorrow. Yes we must live day by day. What I lacked in clarity please forgive.

What I am saying is, in the same way we save money for the future, knowing the future is coming, let us prepare for the future knowing the future God has declared is coming. Live a life of joy today having prepared for tomorrow.

Let us check our preparation honestly “as we see these things happening.” Know in your heart each day that you let the Holy Spirit reign you in, not saying what you were about to say about someone, for instance. Then know that you have taken it one step further.

As you pray for some offending person or situation today, have joy knowing you are practicing your preparation, you are emptying yourself of a part of you that will never get into heaven, you are replacing that part with a new Way. In doing so, you are literally grasping and turning the keys to the kingdom of heaven today in practice for tomorrow; on a day when you may really need it.

If, like Janis, you go to meet Jesus before the challenge of personal persecution, like her, know you have practiced the grace filled life of eternity. You will have endured on the level God ordained for your life. So whether it is on TV news, at work or with family, you will know your love will not have grown cold toward anyone. You will have found the compassion of Christ for those who often do not know what they are doing. This is our goal. This has been God’s will since Adam. “This” is the good news of the kingdom. God is trying to help. Let Him! Then help others.

The coming times will demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

You are loved, He waits,


    Exit Strategy

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