End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “The Five Fold League of Servants 1”

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Epilogue or an Epiphany; which do we offer?

Has the future, the eternity we have spoken of with conviction and believed would one day come to pass, been displaced?

As leaders, do we find ourselves wondering at times, “When will the end come?” Are we so captured by our frustrations that our hope to succeed in this life overshadows the hope of the next life; is life so good that our joy is in our life?

Do you sense God is bringing eternity to the forefront as we daily see the Word being fulfilled? Is it shaking us awake or are we burying it in convenient denial, expecting a reprieve? Do we find ourselves parroting the common position which says, “This has happened before, things got better, it was not the time.”

Have we forsaken the Lord’s absolutes when those absolutes apply to our hearts today not just tomorrow right before He comes? When is our tomorrow? We do not know for sure. Be it sudden or prolonged suffering, our life, our heart and soul, will be measured by the Word of God upon our exit. How much more severe that measurement, to a member of the Five Fold League of Servants?

Reaching for the life preserver of God’s Word will come too late when the eastern sky splits open. The Word says people will mourn at His return. No wonder. Would we first agree it has been grace, that our Savior has not come yet? Are we truly ready? That grace indicates God does not think we are, desiring that none should perish.

God is now using trouble, to get our attention. This should indicate urgency to us. As we have prayed, “Thy will be done…” includes the horrific descriptions foretold by Jesus and confirming acts of violence, exceptional acts historically, that we see today. Everything that can be shaken will be.

So, what will happen to us between now and then? “Like in the days of Noah…” is how Jesus put it. In the end times, according to Daniel, “a steward … will rise up, who stands guard over the sons of your people.” (Daniel 12:1 NAS) Great distress occurs. (Daniel 12:1) His rising has something to do with it. Evidently he brings a distressing message? Jesus also brought a distressing message. He says, (I paraphrase) the preaching of the saving power of enduring love, the good news of, a description of the kingdom according to Jesus, will occur as a witness around the world. (Matthew 24:14 NASB) The message, to be willing to lay down our lives while with interceding with love for our lost persecutors, will be a shocking witness of our faith to unbelievers and marginal Christians. Christ did it first.

Jesus in Matthew 24;13-14, speaks of staying saved not getting saved. This is a dramatic change to the church’s common thoughts on this verse. This will shake things up but as God intended, it “saves” us. Enduring love “saves” us. Faith in that message “saves” us. Faith in the message because Christ delivered it, “SAVES” us IF we implement it.

Our living in these unique times is a prophesied opportunity! It requires our preparation. Living and reigning with Christ for a thousand years may depend on our preparation. (Revelations 20: 4-6) This verse may shake you up. It did me.

Darkness will rise as God has declared it would. It has its purpose. A necessary awakening occurs. Will it be a final comment about us or a life changing event for us?

Daniel’s messenger is offering either an epilogue or an epiphany. As the Five Fold League of Servants, our course is clear.

(See The Five Fold League of Servants 2)

PLEASE forward posts to your friends (pastors) via email or copy and paste site in your browser. Help get the message around the world.

The coming times will demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

You are loved,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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