End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “The great revival! “

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Pastors and churches all over the world are believing for a great revival.

I believe the revival to come will rise up from a totally unexpected message. Not that the message was not foretold.

What could keep it from happening? Nothing really since it is God’s will for it to happen. What part might we play or do we have a part?

Watchman Nee would say no doubt we play a part, as he did in his book, The Ministry of the Word. In his opinion “Without man there would be no Word.” Yes we do play a part. What if we chose not to?

Can revival come without preaching? Can revival come without an anointed message? Can THEE Revival come without a unique focus, something we never understood before? Will the Holy Spirit have the freedom to turn our hearts toward the message as well as the messenger, not that he seeks attention? His zeal and concern will be the En Theos, behind the message. The message will be difficult.

Will our confidence in our relationship with the Lord be shaken if a standard is lifted up that Jesus professed as a commandment and we find ourselves shaken by it? What can be shaken will be shaken.

Where does our sureness come from anyway? Is it denominational doctrines?  Is it from standards long established, historically accepted? Is the Word of God living? I am asking this, “Is Jesus living?” Is He still able to call the shots anew while not compromising a Word He has spoken?

Are we still hungry for inspiration? How about answers? I am not talking about feel-good inspiration, although any inspiration can be very encouraging in a personal time with the Holy Spirit. No I am talking about revealing guidance, a clarity that makes you sit back from your bible and pause. Your eyebrows may even raise and your pulse rise a bit as you contemplate the ramifications!

Loved ones, I am talking about guidance that comes across as a warning. The instruction was always there but our need to surely know has come. It is soul saving preparation. It is about survival, salvation, eternal life and how to maintain what was freely given.

“Why maintain what I was freely given?” Ever own a classic car? Ever own a house? Ever raise a child. Ever come back from a near death experience and find you want to do better this time because you’ve been given a free gift?

Why would we ever think the gift we were given by Father God and Jesus was not to be cherished and maintained. What’s more, He told us and then showed us how to do just that. What? No testing? No assurance of Christ in us, the Hope of glory? Really? Did I miss something or is the Father populating His Son’s kingdom? Yes, that Son, the One who at the Father’s bidding willingly died for us AFTER teaching us what we needed to know so that in obedience we would live FOREVER, or not!

And how do we treat One who gives us such a gift? We do as He says and take care of our new treasure!

Do you consider your life in Christ to be a treasure or might more of us than should find our gift has need of TLC? If it is like my cell phone, I confess, I need to better understand what it is capable of, how it can help me.

Do you think with all that is happening today, that God in His kindness is leading us somewhere. Does, to safety sound possible? Does repentance come to mind? “Repent for what?” If you do not know, just think of His main focus. It was the Father’s main focus.Without a doubt, it must be our main focus. According to Jesus, it saves us!

What if we find out too late that caring for, learning about and operating in our new gift had a value to our future that was beyond us at the moment. To late we find how it would have far exceeded all we could have asked or thought? Such dimensions and benefits were only to be understood by practiced mastery of this precious gift.

We want a revival but do not know or recognize the message. I do know what it is. When you do, it will change everything. It will change all of us as we learn of our Exit Strategy, as we Master the gift we were freely given. Greater things shall we do leading up to His return. In the darkness, we will be like the stars of the sky, leading those to righteousness who with anticipation have awakened.

The coming times will demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

You are loved.

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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