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Exit Strategy End Times: “Christianity 101 “

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One of the most frustrating things a blogger can experience is when a reader stops at a particular statement, transliterates it, all by its self, and then concludes the writer is in grievous error even a blasphemous state of mind and pen.

I also believe that if one writes in such a way as to make a reaction like this possible that the writer need examine himself and improve his ways of expression.

In my last post, I wrote in the ninth paragraph,

“There is none of this ‘Jesus was God stuff ‘ Jesus came in sinful flesh as the Son of Man. This of all things should tell us that we too can do this with the help of the Holy Spirit and the vision of eternity that Jesus has presented. God makes all things possible. Believing this or not, we must then choose to follow or not.”

I was made aware that my statement “There is none of this ‘Jesus is God stuff,'” was interpreted as me saying Jesus isn’t God (in the flesh). To them, it was as though I was denying one of the most fundamental truths of the Word of God. Ok, first of all this was the first time they had read my blog. They do not know me at all.

A friend of mine and theirs, who has embraced the things I am writing about, who has read the long version of my book (not what you can buy now) was sharing my blog with these devoted Christians. Thanks John for trying to spread the Word. Misunderstandings can happen. He contacted me and asked if I would clarify my meaning for their sake. Of course.

For eons Christians have been taught, convinced, and had it reinforced that Jesus was able to “endure” what He did the day He died, because He was the Son of God. I speak to this in my book.

Yes Jesus was fully God and fully man. As our example and substitute however, He was the Son of Man. Why is that important? The Word has warned us of the things that are about to come upon us. The Passion of the Christ is a preview of possible events (in modern vernacular) we may experience. Jesus practiced what He preached and Father God expects us to practice what Jesus preached also.

Jesus said they would hate us because of Him, use us, persecute us, kill us, all because of Him.  It was incumbent upon Jesus to teach us our Way of escape. It was never so much an escape from physical death but more importantly our escape from eternal death. He teaches straight from the Father’s heart and then incorporates what He taught us to accomplish His own departure.

“And behold, two men were talking with Him; and they were Moses and Elijah, 31  who, appearing in glory, were speaking of His departure which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.   Luke 9:30-31 (NASB)

“Accomplish?”  Can we wrap our heads…more importantly our hearts around that? Can our potential death be seen as an accomplishment to our departure? Imagine how much easier it may become as the world goes to hell in a handbasket. God knows this. Jesus’ world went to hell via pain, agony, rejection, and hatred. He knew what we must know. The Word speaks of all this and speaks of our eternal and glorious survival with Christ and all who grasp the massage of enduring love. “… but the one who endures to the end, he will be saved; this gospel shall be preached in the whole world….”

The Lord’s coming as the Son of Man was rich with purpose. Identifying with mankind was paramount to God. Jesus as a voice was still and quiet compared to the thunderous expressions that terrified Israel during Moses tenure. The empowerment of  men was seen over and over often resulting in their death at the hands of religious persons. Who was this man that He could speak such things “from God?” They missed what He said! They were more concerned about what sounded like blasphemous statements (in their distracted opinion.)

Here is my point. For whatever reasons over the centuries, our empowerment to endure as Christ did and the Way Christ did has experienced “failure to launch.” I believe we have been so concerned about maintaining our inequality to Jesus, that we have failed to see the intensity of God’s efforts to help us become one with Him. God put His Spirit upon Jesus the Son of Man. Does He not do the same with us. Are we not being tested in many ways, like Jesus was. Did Jesus not say we would be? Are we not to gain the mind of Christ, to think as He would think, speak as He would, and respond as He would? Are we not the body of Christ. Maybe we are not yet.

As long as we continue to think, “Jesus was God, that is how He did what He did!” and exclude ourselves from the very kinship and fellowship that comes with embracing and implementing His teachings, then I believe we will never truly become one with Him (and God) let alone a member (a functioning part) of His body.

We must stop with the excuses and ask Father God for eyes to see and ears to here. We need the power that His counsel and wisdom bring. I AM understanding,  power is mine.

Proverbs 8:14 (NASB)
14  “Counsel is mine and sound wisdom; I am understanding, power is mine.

Bless you folks in Canada and the other 20 or more countries reading these blogs. I ask you all to remember one thing. This is not Christianity 101. Such elementary errors are not found here, not that I can not be corrected. Be kind read a little further for the complete picture, the gracious understanding.

Yes, we are outside the box here. The box we have known is on fire. We are facing desperate times and I will not gamble my salvation or yours on the rapture happening before trouble comes. Trouble is already here for one thing. Our heart condition matters no matter when we go, or how we go.

The coming times demand our understanding. Preparing now is paramount.

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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