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Exit Strategy End Times: “Is this not enough? .”

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Tomorrow is the first anniversary of my Janis’ passing, at 7:30 AM. Today (one year ago) at about 3:30 PM, was the last time she said my name,…It’s me honey, Michael…”Miiichael” I will never forget that moment. You might imagine how many times I have heard her voice over the last year. I look so forward to the next time I will hear her say it.

I loved her so Lord. I still do and will always. Thank You Lord.

“I want her with Me.” He said. She is.

“I will praise you forever Lord for your kindness to both of us, that you allowed us to have each other and You healed each of us with a love that covered, delivered, enlightened, encouraged, endeared, and led us to do the same to others. It was “salvation” to us. It still is.”

My sincerest thanks to all of you, who have loved and cared for me, this year. I have received the reward of Janis’ love toward you. I can imagine God telling her of your concern and compassion toward me. Thank you, I love you all.

This morning, after the moments and emotions of the above, I opened the Word randomly to 2 Chronicles chapters 27-28.

28 is about Ahaz. I wrote about his unbelief and Isaiah’s prophecy about the virgin giving birth in a recent post.

“So Lord, Uzziah is in chapter 27?” I read about Uzziah. Pride was his problem. He even contracted leprosy in his prideful actions. Of course I asked, still wrestling with my emotions over Janis because I have still wondered if I could have done more to help her. “Is this me Lord? Have I sinned against You Lord, like Uzziah? Please show me Lord.”

The Holy Spirit has been pointing me to areas of verse where similar situations prompted God to react, situations we see in our nation today. With these two men Uzziah and Ahaz, we see pride and unbelief. God tried to reach both men. I was not sure what to think. I asked the Holy Spirit this time, “Lord where would You have me read?” His response was… “Is this not enough?”

Please … forward this post Share it on Facebook. Order the book. Find a missionary to send it to. Read the other posts (some 80 of them) We must prepare. Tomorrow’s post, “Until there was no remedy.”

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

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One thought on “Exit Strategy End Times: “Is this not enough? .”

  1. Praying for you – and I really miss her!!!

    Des Keller Sent from my iPhone


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