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Exit Strategy End Times: “Is Jesus an idol? “

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!

In prayer I asked the Lord where to read. “Hezekiah.”

The name means “Yahweh strengthened.”

Hezekiah was also the son of Ahaz. Remember him?

Of Hezekiah it says, “He removed the high places and broke down the sacred pillars and cut down the Asherah. He also broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made, for until those days the sons of Israel burned incense to it; and it was called Nehushtan.” (a piece of bronze) 2 Kings 18:4 (NASB)

“He did right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that his father David had done. 2 Kings 18:3 (NASB)

“He also broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made.”

This bronze serpent mounted on a pole is the basis for the medical symbol we see on medical alert bracelets and in various other places. The bronze serpent, when looked upon by anyone bitten by the fiery serpents in Numbers 21: 4-9 was a source of healing. It was a type and shadow of Christ on the Cross, becoming sin for our sake upon the cross. We must look to Jesus.

The people complained about the Manna loathing and calling it “light bread.” God sent the serpents.

There are many teachings about this story. We must be willing to look at our sins to be healed of them, for one. The serpents held death and so sin brought death, for another.

The thought that has come to me is, “Do we make an idol of Jesus, the way they did the bronze serpent, in Hezekiah’s day?

We revere all that Jesus represents to us. They began by revering what the serpent on the staff did for their forefathers. Later, it was not that the bronze serpent continued to heal them personally it was that this dead lifeless artifact did something significant at one time. It had served a merciful purpose but now it was a false idol! God had strengthened Hezekiah to see this and remove it from prominence by breaking it into pieces.

Is Jesus a dead and lifeless idol to us? What do we do in reverence to Him but we hear not His voice or respect, by obedience, His Words?

Do we fear the Lord but continue serving our idols? Is He any more than an idol in that case? Like the bronze serpent, our relationship or lack of may be because our savior is no longer really alive to us. He is a deity, a personage, an image, we pray to Him, we honor Him. He touched us at one time.

In practical ways, has Jesus become an idol? Might we possibly think He no longer speaks, He no longer touches, He has become like a deaf and dumb idol?

God forbid Lord! Awaken us dramatically please Lord. Destroy such idolatrous thinking in us and for the sake of Your name (Salvation) shout unto us that we would awaken from the dust of this life and its distractions!

You know Jesus is not some lifeless idol don’t you? Just how much is He still able to move you? To you personally, is there life in Him, in His Spirit, that can order your steps and stops? Is He still able to move you to tears? Is His strength your joy?

We cry “More Lord!” He cries, “More Michael! You will reap what you sow! Your effort will be multiplied by My hand of blessing. Be an effectual doer of the Word not a neglectful hearer! ”

Jesus is Way beyond the cross at this point. Our experience back then is a revered memory but it can not be the stopping point when it was only the beginning! Paul tried to say this in Romans 5:10

“For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God through the death of His Son, much more, having been reconciled, we shall be saved by His life.” Romans 5:10 (NASB)

Why do we receive spiritual sight except to look ahead? We have insight so we can lead others into the righteousness we have found! We receive spiritual hearing not just to hear what was said but what is going to be said and said to us personally!

The guidance of the Holy Spirit is not by the hand but by the heart. What He speaks should be moving our hearts and souls and in directions we did not see before because our eyes had not been opened yet.

If we have not moved beyond the cross, Jesus might as well be an idol to us.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


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One thought on “Exit Strategy End Times: “Is Jesus an idol? “

  1. Very interesting thought– it had never occurred to me that we could treat Jesus as an idol, at least not in those terms, but it certainly makes sense as you explain it.

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