End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “A response to a response. Part 2 .”

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In response to a response: Part two of three

Most (if not all) of what I write about, you (Bob) are already doing. My posts sometimes point to false escape mechanisms, things the church has believed regarding salvation that simply are contradicted by Paul and even Jesus. Why we did not see theses contradictions earlier, I believe, may rest with God and His timing, no fault of man. Now however we have a responsibility to shout from the housetops our expanded understanding.

In my previous post, “Do you have the saving knowledge?” you said in your response ,  “I would rather read His Word live it out  the best I can empowered by the power of Gods Spirit and then rest in the arms of Gods grace.”

Yes, yes, yes! We must however as you said, “live it out” as best we can. As best we can is not based on our “I’m only human” view of ourselves. Instead it is based upon our son of God position we received in reconciliation! Our potential is far greater than years of limited understanding has taught us.

We are a unique generation. It is very likely we will be alive to see the Lords return. We will see darkness rise up first, the apostasy of believers, persecution unthinkable, and more. How we are to guard our hearts has been taught. Did we learn?

If we and the existing generations are to be the last, will we have taught them? Will we have helped them put on their life preservers or will we watch as they betray us as the Word speaks of. Oh what weeping and gnashing of teeth are we in for if we do not prepare. I can only think, with true fear, of the unforgiveness I might feel toward myself if I fail to deliver understanding to them that could have “saved” them.

Bob, in your wonderful enthusiasm, I heard you one time tearfully rebuke those (not present) for NOT reading and studying the Word. Of course we saw your fire and heard the power in your voice. Your emotions revealed your concern as well as your consternation over their current state. One might call them “low information Christians,” in today’s vernacular. You are right, how can anyone know the truth that sets us free if we do not study His Word.

I do study. You study. We are drawn to different areas of study. We benefit from each other’s commitment to study. Iron sharpens iron as we discuss our understanding.

I might say, “Why doesn’t Bob (not his real name) look forward more. He is “always” (nobody “always” does anything) sharing what the Sages said or what Rabbi so in so believed.

Pressing my position I might say to myself and I am saying to the church world-wide, “The troubles we see today demand we prepare our hearts far more for what we may see as well as what we are seeing. Our heart condition matters today, right now. How do we accomplish that preparation as the church world-wide (as Jesus prophesied we would) except we teach it and talk about it more?”

Likewise Bob, you might say, “Michael over simplifies and then complicates God’s concerns. He keeps going back to forgiveness.” Wait a minute; you did say that in effect in the last sentence of your response, “Forgiveness is only one sin like I’ve told you before.”

Not forgiving is the only area of sin that Jesus focuses on, that can either free us of your own sins or hold you under judgment as a sinner. He speaks to our forgiving in the Lords prayer, in the parable of the slave who was forgiven much, to us as with His disciples adjuring us in our forgiving others as we minister and then Jesus, in dying for us, insures our being totally forgiven in the process of reconciliation to God, by forgiving and interceding for us on the cross. Forgiveness or forgiving is a primary, premiere and eternal characteristic of Christ and the kingdom of God. Is it any wonder we are to become like Him?

Will any number of my sins be forgiven if I forgive others? That seems to be what Jesus is saying in the Lord’s Prayer and verse 14 following in Matthew. Is that a license to sin? Absolutely not. If I love Him I will turn from sin again and again until God’s grace defeats that sin in me and all the more quickly as I forgive others!

Not knowing when our day shall come, this should motivate us to exert the will necessary out of respect and reverence for His grace and His Words of admonition. If we do, God is like power steering. We pull on the wheel to turn another direction and whoosh the fluid of His power courses through the veins of our will, exerting a force overcoming what we cannot overcome alone. We must simply keep tugging on the wheel of our future until our course is correct. So be it Lord, so be it, Amen.

The true potential for personal freedom now and in eternal life hinges on my obedience to the concepts of granting grace, forgiving, seeking to understand the struggles of others and with determined loving endurance, compassionately interceding for them. After all Christ is interceding for me daily. This is perfected and perfecting love on our part, the priority of a heavenly view, not an earthly one.

Ideally, we rise to the Christ-like level of interceding even for those who would kill us, while they are killing us. This reaction on our part requires practice over lesser offenses before (if) we find ourselves about to be martyred. THIS is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

You (Bob) referred to the “starting line,” post reconciliation?

You said, and I quote, “What I mean (is) the sins before you were saved all those sins will be (are) forgiven but…(now)You (Michael) are (saying we are) at the starting line of salvation from there? (Bob’s quote continues) It’s (isn’t it) what Christ did for you at the point of salvation (forgiveness, regeneration, sanctification, filled with the Holy Spirit, becoming a child of God) but can instantly vanish away like a puff of smoke if you’re caught unrepentant when you die right?”

Yes it is a beginning of sorts, but now we have the advantage. We were irreconcilably way behind but now once miraculously reconciled we are ahead by faith in the things that have been revealed to us in the teachings of Christ, even as babes in Christ. Seeking more learning for ourselves in the Word is absolutely necessary.

The forgiveness we received freely in reconciliation, we must maintain. It was a free gift. Like Dad’s 67 GTO we inherited, we must maintain it.

Why? Because we go into the world after God speaks to us while on a ladder or after seeing a pillar of fire (personal testimony) “saving” us, wooing us to Himself and boom, somebody out in the world does whatever to hurt us or worse hurts someone we love. Our old vengeful man tries to rise from the dead! We know what is right to do but no doubt it is a struggle to do what is right, right that is, according to Jesus. God is patient.

In our struggle and in the love God has for us as we are “living it out,” the Holy Spirit comes knocking on the door of our heart. That is the deal and a blessing. He is trying to lead us into all truth.  He knocks, and knocks, and knocks. This is God’s grace. God is patient desiring that Bob (or Michael) not perish, but that we instead would come to repentance. If we do not repent, we perish; His words not mine. 2 Peter 3:9 (KJV)The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” We face repentance versus perishing. Which will we choose? Our reconciled state makes it possible for us to be moved by the Holy Spirit. Will we be obedient or will we be rebellious?

In the vacuum of a repentant heart, the Way of Christ must by the Spirit take its place upon the throne of our heart to rule and reign. Otherwise, our old man and our evil heart will! It is our choice and ours alone.

Reconciliation alone does not protect us. By reconciliation God has made it possible for us to choose correctly by the power of the understanding that is in Christ; putting to death as many times as necessary the emotional death-throws of our old carnal man. As he dies, we live in Christ.

This is my message to anyone and everyone that claims to be a Christian around the world! John the Baptist brought the new message from God even before Jesus which was John’s calling. Repentance for forgiveness of sins!

In the same sense that “sin is sin,” forgiveness is forgiveness. How can we be a bride without spot or blemish, holy and blameless, and still retain anything in our heart that God does not permit in heaven? The Bridegroom wants His bride to be as though she has never been molested by life. Her born again experience is meant to make her all new. She must use His Ways to maintain her precious countenance. His smiling face is worth it.

In part three: “What if David had resisted the truth that the prophet clearly spoke to him about Bathsheba? Would God still have said David was a man after God’s own heart?”

These three posts have very important facts in them. I am responding to a studied individual so I have omitted scriptural references. Most of you are studied. I hope you know by now that I can back up my positions with scripture. I appreciate the grace you grant by checking out my positions before deciding your traditional understanding is eternal as it stands. Our course is changing because it must. Our destination is till the same, praise God, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit.

Please … forward this post or others. The world is waiting.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


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