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Exit Strategy End Times: “Putin a Christian?”

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

These are the people that we have been at “war” with. Yes it was a cold war because of cold hearts, because of fear, because common ground was covered with the snow of distrust, a chilling effect upon our hearts.

Today in America, with our Christianity being attacked, we have a jeopardy they once shared. Their country once ruled ruthlessly by anti-Christian Communists has had a rebirth.

So here is a taste of our “enemy.” I recommend that you google “Is Putin a Christian.” Why should you? Understanding is power.

There are several videos that might prove enlightening. On one video, not this one, a Russian Orthodox priest is extolling the differences between Putin and Obama. I do not know why but the priest sees Obama’s America as a “Jewification” of America. Of course we all know Christ was a Jew. He does not realize it is the Muslimization of America that Obama has been pursuing. The priest even displays a video of White House ceremonies about Gay recognition, a part of this Jewish problem? Of course many American’s as Christians, do not support the president’s positions on many things, even though we are to pray for the people involved and their salvation. This includes the ISIS folks.

We know that today, ISIS is threatening Russia directly. It would be good to clear up some of these discrepancies. Before you say “No way, it is not possible,” Watch the video link and consider the background we might be able to deal with IF the Russian leadership knew the Christian American people were very much wanting a return to the faith of our founding Fathers.

It might be that religion and the misunderstandings so widespread between beliefs are insurmountable. On the other hand, the common enemy without, now within our government, could open a door to communion, IF a new American president with Christian leanings and men of faith at his side was elected.

My last post said Putin and Trump agreed, No Globalism.

This post takes things one step further. Is Putin a Christian?

Make no judgments. Just observe not only Putin but the Russian people. Is there a place for grace among us all?

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


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