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Exit Strategy End Times: “Distresses Foretold.”

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Distresses Foretold.

“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Recently Hillary Clinton has said, “Christians In America Must Deny Their Faith In Christianity Through Enforcement of Laws.”


A warning by Jesus. “But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 10:33 (NASB)

So Christian, are you prepared to stand firm? As it looks now Hillary may become president, God forbid.

We are hearing the words of an anti-Christ spirited person being spoken with brazen confidence, one with suspected links to multiple murders, bribery claims, and suspected pay to play capital accumulations that smack of if not prove corruption.

Bad is good, good is bad. Anarchy is birthed into the public realm as wrongdoing goes unpunished in the (authoritative) government realm. These things are rapidly turning the world against a people, including us, where the majority is anti-Christ by choices and policy!

We are seeing our system being hijacked as the Dept of Justice turns a blind eye to facts that suggest violations by Hillary and Bill.

The accumulated events of recent times suggest collusion with the DOJ in protecting first Hillary and then both she and Bill. It is a barely veiled attempt to obstruct justice. All it takes is the “audacity” to do it. “They have to prove we did it.” Shamelessly bold, is the definition of audacity, which got’r done for them and they are trying it again. Remember “The Audacity of Hope” eight years ago?

That shamelessly bold “hope” offered to America was a calculated deception in the heart of an impostor. The speech Obama gave at the DNC convention four years before he was the candidate, (if listened to) was a Republican speech! It was a set up. Many Republicans fell for it four years later.

How much hope do you have today? How much division do we see today? How much anarchy do we see? How much debt do we see today? How many times have we gasped as justice has not been done? Have we not clenched our teeth when one color matters over another? THIS is where our current administration has brought us. Hillary intends more of the same, no matter what she says to the contrary, in the audacity of her heart.

To be fair, our societal deterioration on moral / spiritual levels, preceding the unveiling of Obama, had already created the rudderless environment just waiting for a pilot.

It is not surprising that Obama was elected in 2008 after the Federal Reserve collapsed the economy by walking into the banks saying, “We’re not giving you any money because you are upside-down.” No one tells us the banks were forced to loan money BY THE FED as the FED enforced the CRA the Community Re-investment Act during every bank inspection. The CRA was made law during Jimmy Carter’s democratic term. The CRA demanded banks loan money to less qualified persons in their neighborhoods.

I got a line of credit, interest only loan, for $500,000.00 and they did not ask for my income level. I questioned that and they said “You are not required to say,” Yes I was a known business customer but come on?

Others everywhere, less qualified, were loaned money for homes in years previous to 2008 revving up the economy I believe purposely setting America up for calamity and collapse in 2008; all the more reason to then listen to a hope and change message.

PS: The interest the FED makes on the bailouts and debt etc being accumulated since 2008 is so great they can afford to make themselves look good by not charging interest on bank loans; a pittance. Note: The FED was thrown out of the US twice in history. They bribed Woodrow Wilson to get back in, by getting him elected. Today the FED is anticipating their exit again. Our debt is their (interest) meal ticket as they make their way into China with central banking.

Hillary’s hope of winning was and is in being shamelessly bold. When asked a probing question, Hillary has mastered the technique of evasion via denial. We have learned, thanks to Denesh DeSousa and his movie “Hillary’s America,” that she has learned that the “scam” is “denied, denied, denied!” OMG once I understood this I knew, we have seen this over and over again with Hillary and Bill! We have seen them lie or skirt the truth expeditiously to ultimately gain or in Bill’s case, keep authority. They have boldly gone where no American president or administration has ever gone before and with impunity. At the same time, because of calculated efforts, evidence of wrong doing seems to consistently and conspicuously fall just short of being conclusive and prosecutable. Is obstruction of justice by Justice against the law?

There was a time where multiple similar events would point to a pattern of behavior or involvement and when linked to an individual or individuals those persons would be indicted at the least. The body count involving or in “close proximity by association” to the Clinton’s continues to mount. Now, FBI staff cannot talk about what they know unless asked to testify in court. Having no trial or investigation solves that problem for the Clinton’s as well as any Justice Department associates of the Clinton’s.

Congress should launch its own investigation and order the FBI to assist with total immunity from their Justice Dept, from any retribution. If the Congress Oversight Committee orders the investigation of the Clinton Foundation the Justice Dept should not be able to hinder it at all. The FBI should answer to Congress alone. Especially if a conflict of interest is possible, the AG should be recusing her self or the Congress should recuse her. No repercussions should be permitted toward any testifying FBI agent.

The only prosecution may be to defeat Clinton by electing Trump. A house divided will fall. Shall we do this to ourselves?

“Hillary is not a maker she is a taker!”

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

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One thought on “Exit Strategy End Times: “Distresses Foretold.”

  1. If someone calls themselves a Christian and votes for Hillary, they are NOT a true Christian. I say this because Hillary Clinton is against ALL who God is. As you have laid out in your post. Thanks for sharing.

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