End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “President Trump a prayer he could pray. “

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

 President Trump a prayer he could pray.

Psalm 35:19-28 (NASB)
19  Do not let those who are wrongfully my enemies rejoice over me; Nor let those who hate me without cause wink maliciously.
20  For they do not speak peace, But they devise deceitful words against those who are quiet in the land.
21  They opened their mouth wide against me; They said, “Aha, aha, our eyes have seen it!”
22  You have seen it, O LORD, do not keep silent; O Lord, do not be far from me.
23  Stir up Yourself, and awake to my right And to my cause, my God and my Lord.
24  Judge me, O LORD my God, according to Your righteousness, And do not let them rejoice over me.
25  Do not let them say in their heart, “Aha, our desire!” Do not let them say, “We have swallowed him up!”
26  Let those be ashamed and humiliated altogether who rejoice at my distress; Let those be clothed with shame and dishonor who magnify themselves over me.
27  Let them shout for joy and rejoice, who favor my vindication; And let them say continually, “The LORD be magnified, Who delights in the prosperity of His servant.”
28  And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness And Your praise all day long.

Psalm 70:3 (NASB)
“Let those be turned back because of their shame Who say, “Aha, aha!”

That which the Psalmist (David) prayed is being lived out today. Persecution wrongly applied, deceit in their agenda, deceit against the “quiet” population, the utterly fact-less “Aha aha” moments in the media and the Godless “Left.”  We see unprecedented and “agendafied” resistance to our own democratic system, founded upon Judeo-Christian principles and those being “of God” first and foremost.

Democracy (a Christian concept) is on the verge of disappearing as it did in 1941 Germany. Today and again, the infusion of Muslim refugees (a non-Christian agenda) has brought Germany, a democracy, to the brink of utter overthrow as its Christian foundations are pummeled into the same obscurity and unidentifiable character we saw back then. This is the globalist agenda in play. EVERY nation must be collapsed by whatever means whether it be America, N. Korea, Russia, Israel, ALL nations.  The leader of Germany is a globalist. How many others are there? How many sit in the Halls of Congress?

I declare this day, by the Spirit of the Lord, “Let those who have eyes to see, let them see. For the days of sifting are upon us. The identifying of hearts is in process. A party is not a pass of allegiance in the eyes of God, neither is a well meaning heart of tolerance; for the ignorant are being called to this day by the heart and power of the Lord’s name. “Salvation” is calling to those who will be lost if they do not open their hearts and “ask” to see clearly.

Proverbs 6:16-19 (NASB)
16  There are six things which the LORD hates, Yes, seven which are an abomination to Him:
17  Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood,
18  A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil,
19  A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers.

Do NOT join in the “Aha aha moments” thinking as they want you to think. For they devise wicked Godless plans, they shed innocent blood, they entice you to run rapidly to evil. They are a false witness uttering lies and your soul is being prompted to spread strife among fellow human beings. They lift an empty hand against he who has been set in authority as though the One who set him there is not watching?

Shall their term “Progressive” not be the most ironic of terms? For hell shall be filled with the Godless no matter what term they identified with, because of the hatred that was in their hearts, hearts that exalted themselves above God, rejecting His merciful appeals until it was too late.

Cry out I say! Cry out to the only Salvation available, cry out and “ask” to see and understand clearly and then DO NOT resist Him and His Word. He is offering you the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Keys you must have to enter in.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


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