End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “R.A.I.D. Trumps best weapon!”

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

R.A.I.D. Trumps best weapon.

I wish President Trump would use the analogy below.

When a pharmaceutical company creates a medicine to kill a particular bug, they are limited in how they do so because they must avoid killing the host, the patient. Killing the bug is easy. Protecting the host is paramount and limiting.

Obama-care was presented as a viable “medicine” for America. In fact the Obama administration knew the financial overload would eventually play a major role in collapsing the patient, our economy, our country; they knew it would “kill the host.”

Obama Care, was to play a significant part in preparation for the eventual take over by the Globalists and the UN they are hiding behind. Collapsing economies is globalism 101. You cannot have a One World Government if a single country is not under your control, especially one the size of America or Russia.

After all nations capitulate, even the UN will eventually chose the individual leadership of a premier person, a One World Leader. Forces are in play to insure that that happens. Putin, Trump, and the Israeli’s know it, the three most significant and capable resistors to Globalism. God also knows. As always God will let us choose.

Other nation states in their somewhat diminutive economic state or Muslim state have fallen in with the One World plan, hence the attacks on Israel in the UN, and the attempts to disarm Americans.

I believe God has short-circuited their plan for now. Because President Trump was elected against all odds, we can believe God has a reason. I believe it is because the world and specifically “believers,” those out on the edge of Christianity, those not fully invested in the pursuit of Christ-likeness; have been given a reprieve by God. It is a pause in the inevitable during which they must see repent and grasp this opportunity in time to obtain the keys to the kingdom of heaven. They must see all we are seeing for what it is and prepare themselves from a different (eternal) perspective.

Because Jesus said there are keys to the kingdom we all must individually obtain them. Do you know what they are? If you have the keys what are they?

Your initial prayer to Christ and God only gives you access to the keys. You must seek them, find them, learn what they are and implement them in order to maintain what you have received freely from God; all that you have received pertaining to life and Godliness. 2 Peter 1:3. We all must complete our eligibility to enter in eternally. You still have obedient choices to make just like Jesus did in the Garden! Your newness and likeness in Him is to be demonstrated and proven in your adept use of the keys He taught us and to His glory!

For many this is new understanding; that our salvation is two staged. Much of traditional church thinking says otherwise. It was a convenient truth to at least get us in (relationship) where God might enlighten us further, unto actual salvation upon our death or His return. I am right on this. Read this, “Clearly a two stage Salvation.”


Back to the actions we must take now.

While we can, we must dismantle any efforts previously made to destroy our country. Not that our country or the world for that matter will survive except in a new form as the kingdom of Christ Himself. Our effort now is to prolong this reprieve and seek the enlightenment of as many as possible in hope of them avoiding the Great Apostasy, the falling away of believers, which Word says will happen as the world turns dark before the dawn.

What are we seeing? “Resistance” does not carry the righteousness it did during the Revolutionary War or even WW II. Resistance we see today is likened to the Nazi’s in Germany the “Brown Shirts” as Hitler was becoming totally in charge. They were bold enough to be violent, forcing their way into power. Democracy fell in Germany. Hitler was “Der Furher” the Leader. They had to swear allegiance to him, the one and only leader.

I have to verify it but a picture allegedly of George Soros as a very young officer in a Nazi SS uniform was posted recently on Facebook. If it is him, it is clear why he is behind much of our national conflict with his billions.

Nazi’s fleeing eastward right after Hitler killed himself began training the friendly Muslim’s. It is known today that the Isis radical Muslim tactics are Nazi SS tactics. We even use some of them. The headless aspect of Isis is a Nazi concept. No known or easily traceable links between cells by a single leader. They just all know what to do and are doing it.

Our democracy will disappear as surely as we see demonstrators violently prohibiting the free speech of conservatives on liberal campuses. These violent demonstrations and any other aspects of the “resistance,” especially the shadow government clandestinely attacking our duly elected President, must be seen as an organized attack both foreign and domestic on America and our Constitutional way of life.

The “Resistance” speech or demonstrations can not be free speech if free speech by others is being prohibited by them. If there was righteousness in their way there would be no violence, like Martin Luther King, and Mahatma Gandhi. Anything beyond “peaceful and reasonable” must be put down for what it is; violence perpetrated against all of us; a domestic enemy running amuck! Remove all funding from schools or states that allow such acts or teach such actions as acceptable. Give them fair warning then act lawfully.

This is also why Obama Care must be put to death. It is about his deceit as much as it is his deceitful law.

Many supporters in our time of economic distress were told that O Care would be a blessing. When the government hands out money it does not have it is clear such a policy/law can not be continued. Giving it to people to begin with was sugary poison welcomed by human nature. It appeared to be a ploy to win votes; how naïve of us.

Behind the curtain Obama Care was known to be a country killer, another free ride to hell. They knew, even if the “Left” was voted out, the debt incurred and the debacle created by the previous administration would be blamed on the “Right” because it remained for the conservatives to make the hard decisions and deal with removing it, appearing to take away a “right” bestowed by the Democrats. The conservatives were in double jeopardy and did not see it?

Had the “Left” won, America would have been plunged into the abyss of destruction, never to be seen again in her true form. The principles, the Clinton’s, the Obama’s and others involved would have their big bucks while we, “deplorables,” the regrettable, the very bad, the wretched would flounder in anarchy and chaos. Praise God He has postponed this.

You have heard it a thousand times, Obama Care was never meant to work. Where is your reaction to this crime perpetrated against you? It was meant to create this very dilemma and division we see now. Obama’s party and those (Globalists) behind Obama betrayed and are betraying America and also their own followers! They are traitors to their oath of office. The oath meant nothing. They believe our Constitution is null and void defaulting to the UN constitution. As a Muslim they can lie to your face if it is expedient to their goal, even renouncing their faith to save their life.

Oh sure the liberal left sounds compassionate but they forced this unsustainable killer system upon us to win votes, to sucker citizens into following the Pied Piper off the cliff! Well you must pay the Piper or your city is destroyed. They sold their souls long ago and not just theirs. They sold your soul too; knowing that the anger and hatred we all are feeling on either side of the debate is Spiritually deadly. This is a goal of our enemies and I am not talking about the Russians.

As a real American in distress, I call to everyone NOT willing to give up America’s sovereignty. You, Democrats and Republicans, Nationalists, Populists, Blacks, Whites, Jews, Spanish Americans, Muslims truly opposed to radical violence and ISIS, that want to be Americans, call your Congressmen and demand they support the death of Obama Care “or else.” Yes threaten them with job loss. Threaten them with R.A.I.D, Real Americans In Distress.

Our country has been infested, poisoned with violent perpetrators, cockroaches scampering around multiplying in the shadows by spreading self-serving falsehoods, void of fiscal possibility, many of which are hired to do so.

There is only one antidote. Kill the cockroach of a bug that is killing America economically as well as socially. R.A.I.D., must damn Obama Care, its supporters and shame its namesake via the truth.

We must support a government that wants the people to have jobs and the finances that will support them and make health care affordable. To this end we must also stop killing the babies that should have grown up and supported our system financially. This aspect of their cursed plan has been in play since Roe versus Wade. God hates the killing of babies! Judgment waits for those (or a nation) which does not repent of this horrendous curse upon our country.

We must counter the plan to crush America economically and in other critical ways with the moral and just polices the Founders have already established and those via the Word of God.

Let’s make America great again.  R.A.I.D.’em

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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