End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Trump versus Biden: No more Parties?

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nding this to be absolutely true moreso since creating it. Michael Knight

End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Someone suggested we get rid of parties. Parties came into existence because there was a fundamental difference in thinking. Today much of our choosing parties is traditional. Removing party names still leaves the question of what do you believe in.

There is a truth in the human existence called the law of likeness. We identify or not, with things, people, thinking, etc. Our choice can be so shallow as in identifying with a name, a team, a denomination, and we fiercely guard our choice. Our choice can become so certain as to resist even common sense.

We may have learned why we believe what we believe over many years and so we choose. What if our reasons for the “likeness” have changed? We did not change our views but someone has changed what once was! Where does this leave me?

Which of the areas of life or how many areas…

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