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“Eve of Destruction? Can National repentance save America? Or will national will kill it?”

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

On the Eve of Destruction? Can national repentance save America or will national will, kill it?

This is the first post I have done in many weeks. We all have our stuff we are dealing with and I have had mine. Like you I have been marinated in the political upheaval that has brought our nation to the precipice.

There was a time when moral factors did not play a part in elections because both parties were moral. Back then it was about spending or foreign policy. It has always been about how much we “liked” the candidate. We could not be further from that moral fulcrum at this point in our evolution as a nation.

We were not supposed to get to this point but we have. But then I know, God does say things that look like this will happen just before He comes. Yes He does.

Voting for who we dislike the least is insanity albeit the only recourse some have presented themselves with! The fact is we have created this quagmire, this dilemma of disaster. There is a possibility others are manipulating some of us.

So, are we “Cubbies” or are we “Indians”?  How narrow and naïve are we? This is no ball game.

Once he was elected, much of the nation supported a black man, unfortunately in many cases because he was black. We all, I believe, were hoping that the racial remains of our history, especially the remains one party used to to bludgeon us with, would finally be put to rest. I personally imagined him saying, “Yes my fellow black Americans, I am the proof, you can make it to the top of the mountain. I had a dream, and I made it!”

Instead, another hidden agenda was in play, he was their pawn or maybe even their appointed leader, their false face, the man behind the curtain, placed in the highest office in the land! How do I know this? Where has it taken us? Who are they? They are the dividers, the crushers, of the great American Dream. A world wide cabal of ungodly hatred, created financial collapse, moral erosion, violence, family destruction, religious questioning, entertainment poison, the undermining of military leadership, utter destruction. Look where they continue to take us!

Sure both blacks and whites had hopes in this new leader but oh how mislead we all were. The proof is in where have we ended up as a nation and now two elections later we continue to get worse. We are more divided than before. Our economy is in way more debt but that is the plan of these people. Millions are not working. Our enemies are crossing the thresholds of our land with God knows what in mind. They are being welcomed by an administration with ulterior motives, ignoring the Constitutional guidelines. What is that motive? A house divided will surely fall. A system corrupted will crash. When division and corruption are obvious to us how can we deny the existence of a hidden agenda?

Some of us are choosing to look beyond a candidate’s uncouth language and recorded trash talk because we saw success in many aspects of life as a nation, where everyone mattered. Others are rejecting that success and are choosing to look past years of failure and manipulation, denying the open evidence of self benefit. That alone being a plague in politics. So, which is worse? We all should know the answer but some are in denial so to speak. Success for all was better.

So, how does one make a choice that leaves one with a sense of personal break-through or clarity of conscience? Who do I vote for if I have not voted already? How do I vote the next time?

Here’s how. If you are not a Christian, you are not likely to be reading this. You might however still identify with one side because of one factor. On the other hand, if you call yourself a Christian, a follower of Jesus, it is sure that you should be responding to your conscience, the touching of your soul by God, and for this reason alone, you are choosing a candidate and party that supports your beliefs and moral positions.

I am an ordained minister, a missionary to Russia in past years, a Christian who has studied the Word for 35 years, I have shared my testimony on radio and television, I have even written a little and yes…. I know what I am saying when I say, “You are NOT a follower of Jesus Christ if you vote for a party that is opposed to the God factor in the shaping our nation or if you support the killing of babies by abortion, let alone partial birth abortion. Having sex outside of marriage is the problem! Stopping that behavior is next to impossible at this point in our moral decline. The Word says the many are going to be lost forever in unending torment. I do not want that for anyone but many are choosing that destination on their own.

Imagine Jesus Christ pulling a full grown baby almost all the way out of the mother’s womb, except for the head, and then He sticks a probe or forceps into the back of the baby’s neck just below the skull, in order to kill the child! Imagine Him turning to you with a smile of accomplishment on His face? Well “follower” can you imagine that? OF COURSE NOT! Now imagine the Devil doing the same thing with that same look of success! RIGHT! You CAN imagine that! Soooo who is behind abortion???

I tried to forewarn you. DO NOT VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY and expect to go to heaven and not answer for your choices. Their candidate fully supports abortions, especially Partial Birth Abortions! What if you die on the way home from voting? Do you really expect God to approve of your choices? Eternity in hell waits because years of increased lawlessness will come with the candidate you voted for. Even if they lose, which they did not, you chose poorly. You chose infanticide!

“Now you’ve gone too far Michael.” Oh really? The blood of babies across this land will be on the heads of pastors and Christians who have not said it as plainly as I just did. Many readers will be asking me to delete them from the mailing list. So.. dear friend what does that say about your Christianity?  You know I am right. “Am I not your friend because I tell you the truth?” Your soul and eternal life is at stake! I am trying to keep you from being deleted from God’s mailing list, the book of life. Rev 3: 1-6.

The destruction of this nation for its embracing of liberal ungodly policies is sure and certain, short of repentance. Did you know that the majority of mankind world-wide is going to hell and this is so because of their choices? Why do you think followers of Christ are crying out the warning? I personally know God is real from my own undeniable experiences with Him. It is written, destruction is through the wide gate of the liberal/globalist agenda. Matthew 7:13 “Enter by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

We MUST choose rightly! That’s not so hard to grasp. If you believe in God at all, haven’t we really known that? If we reject His Ways, choosing our ways, we are done. Whether it is personally or as a nation, we are done. Our unique situation is that a moral majority can keep our Godly nation safe in God’s mercy by voting FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Are we watching what is happening?

In my opinion, one thing the Republican’s have failed to lift up is the biblical truth behind our nation. They do not realize the power of influence when it is God’s instructions and not a man or party. Their fear of offending someone has and will kill many by the sin of omission. If one is only a self proclaimed Republican Christian or Democratic Christian, the blood or multitudes is on their heads.

Our nation’s only hope and defense is to stand with biblical, Christ spoken, ways and without shame or fear. We must pray for our opponents salvation from our hearts, thereby insuring our own.

(Written pre- Trump election. Re-posted post Biden. ) We are on the eve of destruction. Maybe we could be spared for a while.

If the politicians will not stand, we are doomed. AS the leadership goes so goes the nation. We must stand in the voting both and vote like Jesus Christ is standing there with us. Will we, did we? Will we repent of our wrong thinking and do better next time?

God sets people in authority. If the Democratic ungodly candidate is elected, (and he was) the doom of America is more sure than ever before. NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE CALLED DEMOCRATS! It is because of what they believe in; their anti-God policies.

Their election is a sign that God is allowing our national downfall, as the unrighteous are picked by the unrighteous to remain in power. He will allow it because our will is our will and a majority was depraved and void of the ability to see correctly, to discern good from evil as it says in Hebrews 5:13-14 “But solid food (the word of righteousness) is for the mature, who because of practice have their senses trained to distinguish between good and evil.”

God knows that the majority will chose evil or darkness and it actually fits His word about the end. God knew. He always knows. Darkness, lawlessness, Godlessness, is a season of sorting where a majority determines their eternal demise. Being a just God, He sends His Word through Jesus to provided a means of escape for anyone who will acknowledge their own pathetic condition. Of course one must believe in God, Jesus, the Word and the Holy Spirit if they are to benefit.

We are on the eve of destruction and I am not so sure the Republican candidate can stop it even if he is elected. As it turns out he was not elected. Even if by nefarious means, the ungodly are in control and going for their whole agenda while they can!

Jesus said, “The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom (earth) all things that cause stumbling and them that do iniquity, (lawlessness) 42and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be the weeping and the gnashing of teeth.” Matthew 13:41. Jesus repeats this in 13: 49. Are you going to be leaving with the “stumbling blocks” when the angels suddenly show up to remove you?

When written, this message was meant to divert those who might have voted unwisely. Unsuccessfully if your vote was to the left, it had far reaching effect. You are seeing it today. The lawlessness we are seeing or the hidden lawlessness we do not see, are bringing about our nation’s destruction. The love of many will grow cold but he who endures (loves) to the end, shall be saved.

Trump came and succeeded. God used a donkey of a man to do good. We now realize it was truly a national reprieve. During this same time we saw good and we also saw the unrelenting effort to do evil by Trump’s opposition. So many were unable to discern good from evil, resisting any truth to election cheating, a majority chose darkness. George Soros was quoted from “Breaking News Israel, June 23, 2020 “Now is a ‘Revolutionary Moment’ where the inconceivable is necessary.” This Titan of the Globalist movement indirectly described what they were willing to do as he used a word “Revolutionary” to legitimize the inconceivable. Maybe manipulating the election by unlimited resources is a little more believable, knowing this.

We are now seeing the destruction I foretold almost five years ago. It is a juggernaut moving helter-skelter at a break-neck pace to dismantle any good that was done by Trump and conservatives, using the manipulating guise of “justified” hatred to destroy America at its foundations.

God is allowing our destruction as a nation because the nation (apparently) chose it. What does that say about where we are in the biblical time line? Do you even know what it says? How many times did the people of Israel go their own way, turning away from God to their own destruction, often into captivity? Many times. God is the same yesterday today and forever.

Oh He will and has offered a means of escape to His own, that is, to those who obey Him. All others are doomed to a living hell and eternal unquenchable regret.

Yes, renouncing your faith will cost you. Surrendering your life if necessary, will save you.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

Heed the Shofar of Yahweh’s warning,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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