End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

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End Times: We initiate the return of Christ ebook available!

  “Exit Strategy” (seen below) is now blowing shofar3available at most e-book venues.

Jesus went to the garden knowing what was to come. Are we willing to see darkness  released as God said it would be and are we willing to initiate the series of events that will afterward bring Jesus back for us?  How we will be protected as we wait? Exit Strategy tells us how.

This book points to a prophecy that Jesus spoke that obviously has been hidden until now. You will agree when you see it. This is NOT about claiming some day or hour! For centuries, we have misinterpreted the verse in question and we were supposed to!  All these years, God used our current understanding  to gather and reconcile uncountable numbers to Himself, but reconciliation is only the beginning; making our eventual salvation possible.

Now Jesus is addressing the end (of this life), redirecting us to the saving love He has shown us. Now in the face of the most challenging of times ahead, times that will ravage the faith of many, God is showing us specifically what will guard our hearts and faith until our death or His return. He is saying we will not die eternally and He is returning!

We were purchased with a price. God continues to invest us to save others, the very worst of them, rewarding us on the other side of the narrow gate. It is our salvation to remember we were once like them and in remembering, we still have the Father’s will and plan to obey. They need us to intercede for them, to be an example for them!

Many important facets to our survival are addressed in this book. Of course I am promoting it. He gave it to me for the church world-wide! God has shown the me many things over the past thirty-three years. They come together now “Holy-graphically.” Please, please set aside any thoughts of profiteering. That is a judgment that will cost you dearly.

This is a large book. Look through the index (blue) to focus on your initial interest but please try to read it all. Chapter 6.6 and the chapters in 8 deal with the cover topic specifically. As Christ was controversial so is this book. He did not always explain fully then but the Spirit is explaining  now. Read until your skepticism is replaced with astonishment. We will all have to ask ourselves, “Am I a disciple of Christ Jesus or a Pharisee stuck in the clutches of tradition?”

The last chapters in 9 are directed to, I call them, the Five Fold League of Servants (FFLOS). God is looking to His “first stringers” to expedite this message, but God will use anyone willing.

Sid Roth’s  “That’s Supernatural” program just had a man speaking to the Remnant of God. Wonderful testimony and inspiration. I believe his message is just one more piece of the puzzle that God has revealed to others. In Exit Strategy a more complete picture and plan is revealed. You will recognize some current beliefs and traditions that are now being set aside by God because His priorities have required it. They were once useful. They were not wrong. Now God’s plan demands our obedience and flexibility. His changes in our understanding will thwart the enemies plan. You will understand.

We the remnant, will be those who embrace the Exit Strategy of Christ as our own! We who initiate the return of Christ as we (by God’s grace) declare our readiness to willingly enter our own Garden of Gethsemane, the times of darkness. Others, less mature will follow our confidence, our convictions. We will rob the Devil of victims and glorify God just like Jesus did! Souls are in danger. Oh what a glorious task God has permitted us to attend to.

Preachers around the world have been expecting a great awakening. This is it. The truth of what lies ahead, although it is distressing, contains our means of escape! It is so simple it must be God in His mercy toward us. Please. I come to you in the Spirit of Daniel 12. The message was hidden intended for these times. It is a call to awaken those who claim to be His, to those willing and able to see the Father’s will in the coming times of darkness, to stand firm in that will!

Loved ones, successfully playing the part we must play in the darkness automatically includes us in the Dawn that follows. We can prepare for and survive the darkness with a hope unshakeable that others will cling to if we know our Exit Strategy!

Guard others as you have been guarded. Love all others as you have been loved!

I often sign off with, “He waits!”  The Word says, “…that He may send Jesus the Christ appointed for you, whom heaven must receive until the period of  restoration of all things about which God spoke …” (Acts 3:21 NKJV, NASB  Strong’s #G605 restoration)

In Exit Strategy , the Holy Spirit is showing us what…needs to be restored.

He (is still) waiting,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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