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Exit Strategy End Times: Director Comey in “CYA” Part 1

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blowing shofar3“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Director Comey in “CYA” Part 1

During prayer this Thursday AM a word came to me. Call it a thought, an inspiration, a prophecy, all I know is that I was not thinking about it before hand.

“That which is done in retribution will come back in prosecution.”

I watch the TV also! I am astonished at the opposition to President Trump. Here come more accusations, but this is more than that. Here’s the latest.

Mr. Comey’s job was not in jeopardy when President Trump expressed his own “hopes” to Mr. Comey regarding Mr. Flynn. No threat was made to Mr. Comey or implied, regarding job security.

“Hoping” for an outcome is not illegal or impeachable. The President had just terminated Mr. Flynn for lying to VP Pence or, according to Mr. Flynn, for not remembering details he should have.

For President Trump, “hoping” Director Comey can “see your way to letting him (Mr. Flynn) go,” is a beneficent desire for a justifiable outcome, (justifiable to Director Comey,) being asked by a leader who trusted in Mr. Flynn and his resume’. Practically there was trust in the “vetting” work of the previous administration. Getting fired by your adversary is like hiring a friend! The “your way” phrase still leaves the process and decision in then Director Comey’s authority.

President Trump, no doubt a political novice, expressed himself and his hopes regarding Mr. Flynn openly. To political pro’s this is a presumed order and implies obedience or else. A political novice can not be accused of behaving as a political “pro.” We know that President Trump tends to think out loud, like in tweets etc. Factor that in and our eyes roll back in our conservative heads at the premise of him impeding an investigation.

It has been said of Mr. Comey that he takes copious notes after a meeting especially if he thinks something is amiss in a particular conversation. Since there was no immediate need in Mr. Comey’s mind to divulge his concerns to anyone, even within the Bureau, Mr. Comey himself raises a serious question as to the validity of his supposed accusation.

J. Edgar Hoover saw often during his administration, an “ace” that he could play against someone at some point in the future for his self protection. Washington is all about “CYA.” It is a sad but true state of affairs, where an “affair” can cripple you once found out except a “confidant” holds your little secret as Hoover did regarding many. It makes for long careers. That was after changing his dress?

Is this current suggestion of alleged interference being orchestrated by a person who is saying effectively, “You got rid of me, now I get rid of you?” This is the same person who kept his job by protecting his boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, after she met privately with Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill, in a plane, on a tarmac, in a hanger, while Mrs. Clinton, a candidate for President, was also under scrutiny by the same Justice Department for her private email server as well as other illegalities. The Libya tragedy of death for votes never saw the light of day.

Shortly thereafter Mrs. Clinton was effectively released from suspicions by Mr. Comey with the support of A.G. Lynch, because there was “no precedent” for charging her? Not that the evidence against candidate Clinton was not there; Director Comey said he did not see purposeful intent by Clinton, in his opinion, when in fact Secretary Clinton set precedent and broke the law by her purposely perpetrated use of a server to hide transmissions and other questionable activities.

Had the barn doors swung open as they should have, the galloping herd of offenses Hillary committed, let alone others, would have stampeded onto the world stage exposing far more and many more than we are even slightly aware of. In effect, Mr. Comey, standing in the shadow of the AG, had already tried the case and found her (conveniently) not guilty. The country however was ready to fire him. This act of Mr. Comey and the AG, with POTUS, in the shadows, likely played a far greater part in defeating Mrs. Clinton than the Russians ever could have. Need we even guess how many Americans saw through this farce of an investigation?

Tomorrow, Director Comey in “CYA” Part 2  “They, the Clinton’s and the cabal they run with had gotten away with it, … again.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


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