End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “Director Comey in ‘CYA'” Part 2.

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Director Comey in “CYA” Part 2

In exonerating Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Comey stood with the heir apparent to the Obama White House and with his immediate boss Attorney General Lynch. They, the Clinton’s and the cabal they run with had gotten away with it, … again.

Behind the scenes many others with the same globalist agenda, one we seem yet to believe exists let alone recognize, were preparing to take America the rest of the way off the cliff via Hillary Clinton. They were drooling as they imagined America falling into the abyss of forgotten nations; Liberty herself landing in the subjective mire of the globalist melting pot, of the coming One World or New World Order, America’s glory never to be seen again!

Observing our nation, you wonder what motivates Mr. Putin? He is ANTI-Globalism first and foremost. He did us a favor if he exposed Mrs. Clinton for who she and her cohorts are. Our own mainstream media does the very same thing when given the chance to manipulate! The global media chafes at being used against its own liberal dedication. Wiki-leaks, a prodigal democrat (now murdered) or whoever simply dropped a dime on Hillary and her nefarious plans. The Democrats blame the Russians for losing the election; a predictable move. The real reason hides behind this smoke screen of blame. It is SOP for the progressive globalists.

Did Director Comey ask himself, “But what if Trump wins?” “Hillary looks sick!” The public is asking, “How does she get away with these things, when we do not?” Our intelligence communities know a lot about how the public is thinking. Did Director Comey see the writing on the clubhouse wall? Did he see a need to “CYA?” All of us who were ready to fire him would certainly say, “Oh Yeah or you are history.”

Re-opening the investigation of candidate Hillary Clinton 10 days before the election looked suspiciously like an “Ace” being played in Mr. Comey’s effort to CYA. Some in the public welcomed it as a return to sanity by the FBI director, as a vindicating abdication from allegiance to the presumed Seat of Authority. It was a meaningful departure from Comey’s perceived involvement in a scandalous effort to insure Hillary Clinton’s victory. No wonder candidate Trump and the public cheered Mr. Comey. He indeed was able to look minimally just and fair albeit at Hillary’s expense, a price she should have been paying in the first place. This shroud of justice is SOP in the game of CYA at the FBI, especially when working for the DNC and not the USA, critical when you have to CYA.  As Forest Gump might say “Liberal is as liberal does.”

Are we missing the “forest” for the trees? Are we not seeing the traitorous cabal against America as it pursues its agenda with rabid ferocity in this pathetically determined as well as distracting effort to remove President Trump from office? “This is futile and unwarranted, how can they do this?”

When a Republican candidate from Montana, the land of the free and the home of the brave, decides to NOT tolerate an insolent reporter and physically resists him, the liberals pale in disbelief? The Rino’s suggest an apology is appropriate, really? We represent the high ground? Ask the people at Masada, in Israel. Our enemy, an enemy of God and His Christ, who is seeking the high ground of authority! They are like the worshipers of false gods in Israel on the high places. We forget the campus violence perpetrated and promoted by the “Left” in opposition to conservative speakers. The law was not enforced then. Should violence become our way? NO, it is on record as being theirs. We should enforce existing laws and we should implement our will by taking our own swing at them in the voting booth. Republicans also should see our resolve and be sure of our resolve. I recently sent a note with my last donation to the RNC. NO MORE money until you all in the RNC get behind President Trump. NO MORE!

How can they (the losers) do these things in resistance to POTUS? The Globalists are relentless in their “post constitutional” thinking. That is right. They are now unrestrained and justified in their own thinking. They only site the Constitution if it serves them.

How many of them are still entrenched in our government and have secretly thrown our Constitution aside by leaking secrets and sensitive private conversations, throwing their oath to support and defend the Constitution aside? The globalist agenda has their allegiance.

Now because of President Trump’s unexpected election, they have few choices left in order to re-impose their plan. They are shameless in what they will do. Their use of religion to block the prohibition of immigration from certain countries is a smoke screen. At its heart it is strictly about blocking the President’s plans and promises. America must fall in the eyes and hearts of the globalists. Bribery, lies, anarchy, immoral efforts, murder, all such things as seen today, personify one of the two parties. We are either globalists or nationalists.

As globalists willing to circumvent or eviscerate  the Constitution, they are traitors one and all. They are also biblical puppets, doomed, forever unless they wake up! They will not wake up if we do not wake up and set an example for them to consider!

The Constitution and God are inseparable. If one goes both go!

DirectorComey in “CYA”  Part 3 “Is Mr. Comey now in a full court press by order of the shadow government?” What if Korea is a sacrificial goat via war with the USA, as China is waiting to claim that land after an EMP is launched to paralyze the USA resulting also in Israel’s jeopardy? Who are the globalists? It is not the majority of people in any of these countries!

Caution… lest we hate ourselves into hell. Intercede for all involved.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


    Exit Strategy

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