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Exit Strategy End Times: “Director Comey in ‘CYA’ Part 3′”

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“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Director Comey in “CYA”  Part 3

Who is distracting who? What if Korea is a sacrificial goat via war with the USA. What if China waits to claim Korean territory after Korea has suffered a devastating response from us? Will Korea or someone else launch an EMP during or just after the melee to paralyze the USA, resulting also in Israel’s jeopardy, taking America out of the picture at least temporarily?  

Where does the above scenario leave the globalists? If China takes over the world leadership, the globalists then have to over take them. How easy do you think that will be? It is impossible for the world to be ONE, except in one case. This is the absurdity of the globalist agenda. Never the less we are faced with this battle because we are the big dog in the world. Meanwhile, China has its own agenda while we fight within, a house divided. I am impressed that I literally just heard Rush Limbaugh say the same thing.

There can be no ONE World order if one country of significance stands separately. The only way a one world order or new world order will happen is when all nations VOLUNTEER gladly to join. This will take a biblical event.

Relentlessly, the globalists thought they had won and they did almost have us with Hillary. Looking to Hillary’s predecessor, her reluctant but compelled to the extravagant endorser, what did we allow by falling for undefined “Hope and Change?”

The evidence of a hidden agenda became compelling to Americans. “O” was presented as a Christian because a Muslim would not have been a viable candidate. We see ulterior motives, the defamation of America, the indebting of America, the burdening of America’s economy via regulation, the protecting of aliens, the spineless foreign policy that was purposely invoked to favor our enemies, it has always been about the fall of America and then Russia or Israel next, as the situation dictated. As “O” said, “elections have consequences.” “O’s”  disdain for America served the globalists agenda well.

Unfortunately, honor and integrity are estranged from many in government, having been superseded by “CYA” as the sustaining force to ones own career (life.) This is some of the lawlessness we were warned about. Caution….. lest we hate ourselves into hell by hating others.

Are the “globalists” the puppets of God? They serve the anti-Christ in policy but unknowingly serve God as puppets in his ultimate purpose and plan. We know the enemy sorts and sifts, just as Peter was told the enemy would. God, in His love toward all, supports and saves the ones who endure the sorting and sifting. We… must endure this lawlessness by love and the Holy Spirit.

The left elected this guy of feckless leadership, which means spineless, who also had a plan and purpose wrapped in subterfuge.

We see now national indebtedness beyond comprehension. We see an invasion not so much now at our southern border as it has quietly taken place in the heartlands of America, in Detroit, where communities are growing that have their own set of laws which they are voting to implement locally as we speak; as our own democratic process is being used against us.

Immigrants and refugees should not be allowed to vote for 5 years anywhere. Neither should undocumented aliens ever be allowed to vote.

I wonder what might Mr. Comey have in his notes about Mr. Obama, or Mrs. Clinton? Is Mr. Comey now under a full court press by order of the shadow government? How will he fair against the truth that will come out, or will he get that far? What he means as “retribution will come back as prosecution!”

Mr. Comey’s notes about “them” could be helpful in his negotiations with the Trump Justice Department. In recent days Comey seems to be waning in his effort to trouble President Trump. Has Mr. Comey been told to lighten up by his puppet masters? Are they concerned as to what will come out? Did Mr. Comey project himself again without permission?

Next post: “Us in ‘CYA.'” Part 4  ” Don’t be too hard on Mr. Comey. You too must “CYA” while you still have the chance!”

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”


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