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Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

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Most of Nato is Globalist, Russia’s enemy. Who leads NATO?

In the shadows, but characteristically, much of NATO and Europe has become Globalist in their agenda, by choice or by manipulation. Nationalism or Patriotism is the enemy of Globalism. In that light now look at Trump, Putin and Netanyahu, all nationalist Patriots. Who still remains?

Putin is a Nationalist / Patriot. He loves Russia and will do anything to protect it. That is obvious.

Ukraine has been a hotbed of activities that include bio labs, money laundering, big money bribery, remember Biden’s 6 Billion dollar bribe when he was VP?

Like in America, the Ukrainian people are not the problem, it is the underlying corruption. Corrupt influences helped produce the fake Russia collusion dossier used against Trump by Clinton. Putin knows how globally influenced Ukraine is. The Globalist influences have been well in place and growing. Unless you are totally naive, Globalist forces are behind the pandemic. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” China has joined the Globalist forces as enemies of America. The Globalist agenda is behind all the crazy, destructive and immoral policies of Biden’s administration. What’s more, they must make very serious progress in establishing that agenda while they can. Putin (at the moment) is last man standing and sees this!

America’s system has capitulated to the authority it has ordained by vote. Legitimate vote or not, we are seeing UN-Godly destructive policies and violations to a Constitution that is being thrown aside as toilet paper, after wiping the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s posterior!

This same force is getting too close to home for Putin. He must be made to look like the bad guy “this man can not stay in office” says Joe Biden the Globalist. Why? Because America, Russia, and Israel are the surviving nationalist countries that the Globalists must bring down. Currently they have America. That’s right! We live under a Globalist government and we… (supposedly) elected them.

A major wrench in their plan was Trump! In America, a pro America first agenda brought the globalists to a screeching halt. George Soros and the Globalist cabal could not let that happen again. Biden mysteriously ( or not so) wins.

Putin knows Obama, Biden and Hillary and he knows what they stand for. The Russian dossier was made to be so ridiculous that Clinton fell for it, to their own demise. The Godless one world agenda is their agenda. They have even taken Lucifer as a mascot! They don’t believe in God why should they really believe in the devil? America, Russia and Israel have long chosen Yahweh. They are Lucifer’s disciples via their policies. Note the two comparable one-world governments. They are giving Yahweh (God) the proverbial finger.

As long as Trump was President, Putin knew Russia was safe because Trump is a Nationalist Patriot like Putin.

Putin knows the last Presidential election was “fixed” by the Globalist cabal. Putin has not seen any correction or prosecution of the guilty. Putin is now hedging his bets via Ukraine a Globalist puppet. The plight of the masses is a smoke screen for the Globalists. All that is going on in the power realm is hidden. The Globalist’s care little for the population since eliminating the population worldwide is a focus.

Putin does not see how a conservative President can be elected again in America because of the corrupt election results. He thinks the Globalists will simply do it again. Will we allow that?

Putin has observed the desecration and destruction of the American economy and our moral strengths, while the elite of our economy, the Globalist’s, prosper at the people’s expense and harm. Putin is shaking his head in wonder that the great American people would allow such a thing.

Putin sees a Vaccine “mandate” that is not a mandate at all but a weapon to bring the population under the thumb of a few, a few Globalists. A mandate is by definition a command, also, the will of the voters as expressed in an election. The latter is what I identify with because there is no law supporting the “do this or else” order being brandished as a sword at our throats.

The policies of the Biden Globalist administration are antithetical to the well being of America and the Constitution. Putin knows this and he fears the same for Russia. Desperate people do desperate things. He feels alone against the Globalists. No wonder he turned to the Chinese.

The Canadian condition only exacerbates his conclusions. He stands alone. It is likely impossible for Putin to see America resurrected via a fair election. Whats more, the way the Globalists are attacking Putin / Russia is through economic means. This is a test run for the One World Globalist administrations means of enforcement!

Believe me Putin is hoping to survive while waiting for the next American election to see if America has come to its senses. Conservative Americans must take back both houses of Congress and impeach and arrest the traitors.

If America does not, I repeat, does not fully prosecute these American traitors, these vow breaking elected criminals, these deserters of the Constitution, unto death or imprisonment, then an EMP attack by Russia is likely our next experience as a Globalist led nation leading the other Globalist nations. It is an Alamo scenario for Putin. Do not doubt it.

On the other hand, should Conservatives take control, true non-Globalists, China could likely launch that attack against the USA. Putin and Russia should know and be assured they will also be a sure target of China with follow up military actions by China or an ally of theirs. In fact, America is in a squeeze play of sorts.

America, Russia, and Israel have been the major holdouts against Globalism. Look where we are, our condition as a nation. Our own laws are being used against us! Not so much the letter of the law but the authority we have given elected officials who secretly had an agenda against America. We trusted them even if by them deceiving us, and now they are going all out “mandating” policies by fiat that violate our freedoms. They are implementing control the likes of which we have never seen. They will not stop and that may be God ordained!

World domination is the Globalist plan. It can not happen when there are countries that will not join in. America, Russia, and Israel and our way of life was the arch enemy of their agenda. Now “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

ONLY a national realization of these facts will open our eyes to their subtleties and clandestine efforts that have filtered into our society. We must start to recognize who is behind the curtain and has been for a long time, over decades and through many elections.

Many will hate this but, only the realization of how many things Trump was and is right about might bring us to a new conclusion. He really is the true President and a military action to arrest the traitors while placing Trump back in power is fully rational and just. I say Constitutionally just.

The Globalist’s controllers at the uppermost levels in Tech, Finances, Military, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Business, Government, and even religion, dictate to those below at the threat of their personal security. A large segment of people fall into a certain personality profile. 78% are “Phlegmatic.” These people get the job done. “Just tell me what to do.” Guess what their number one fear is? LOSS OF SECURITY!

Many Godless peoples follow via Globalist indoctrination with appealing and selfish positions. Even those who claim God as their own God have been deceived because of their immature relationships with God and the Word of God. “They know not what they do.” Warning, that excuse no longer applies with God.

The wide spread guilt, the rampant violation of their oath to support the Constitution is the uniform violation that stands out among the elected. Everything else they are doing supports those charges, be it bribery, lying under oath, seditious behavior and planning, a planned virus attack on the population, the intended poisoning of the citizenry via vaccines.

Even simply and unilaterally ignoring the Constitution by launching a multi year impeachment attack on a sitting, duly elected President, is evidence. They compounded their guilt by illegally spying on Trump. They had no legal right to do so. Everyone who colluded in this coup attempt must be tried as traitors, executed and or imprisoned by a video recorded military tribunal. The public can be shown later where proof of their guilt is evident and their punishment is justly exacted.

The Globalists have planned this for decades. Peace and prosperity was their elixir against us seasoned with little events like assassinations, gas shortages, election of their cohorts, the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s and an orchestrated financial collapse in 2008. Yes! They have pulled out all the stops with Biden by the complete reversal of our national condition and have done so by the authority of our system and one front man, their man, Biden.

Trump set everything back. The Globalist’s can not let that happen again. Putin knows this. If America goes down Russia is next. China is the enemy Putin is “keeping closer,” as Don Corleone said. Israel, mark my words and the Word of God, will never go down. Jesus will return just in time, removing all the bad guys! Matthew 13: 40-41.

If Trump is as smart as I believe he is, Trump made a secret Nationalistic / Patriotic non-aggression pact with Putin against China. If they attack us Putin attacks them and vice versa.

Maybe Trump will call Vlad and have a little talk about changes in America in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

I personally believe this dark scenario we see growing may be the “End times” the word of God describes. Am I, are we, allowed to pray against the Word of God? I cannot. I must pray, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done….. as Jesus taught us.

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Exit Strategy End Times: “Soviet Intelligence and Trump.”

blowing shofar3

“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

The Soviet Intelligence and Trump?

I have already posted the common anti-globalist position of Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. Both are patriotic and committed to preserving or in the case of the USA restoring a national commitment to our founding fathers intention and vision.

We look at the aggression of Russia (Putin) toward areas on her geographic periphery and guess why? We are declaring evil, when globalism as we have seen in the USA, has every intention of collapsing economic, moral and governmental systems to gain control, including in Russia. Could it be that gaining control of minerals, having a say in the middle east, and generally hedging her economic bets against globalism is most important to Mr. Putin versus what everybody thinks? Economic collapse in an integral aspect to success in the march of globalism! We have seen its ruthless efforts here in the USA.

We know from his speeches that Mr. Putin sees the USA as the evil globalist juggernaut. We know that he has every right to because this was the agenda of SS Clinton and her predecessor Mr. Obama. Both he and she are pawns in the global agenda and more will follow. Wealth and prestige are theirs. Both Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton have in fact each become very wealthy, while serving the agenda. Accounting for this has been set aside because they have seen to it.

Whatever Mr. Putin said or did to influence the election, if he did anything, you can bet it was with foresight against globalism. Also, do we not consider the intelligence capabilities of Russia to be significant? Is it possible that they know much about Hillary that we do not? Do they know her real agenda as a pawn of enemies to our patriotic beliefs, both here and in Russia? Are these beliefs not masked in her speeches by bywords familiar to progressive communicators?

And why wouldn’t the enemies of our nation’s individuality go after the biggest guy first, the USA? Look at Russia, Israel and the USA. All 3 would resist the globalist agenda and after the recent election are openly resisting. All 3 have fairly historic commitments to God and or Jesus the Christ. The globalists cannot move forward without crippling or outright defeating these three countries via social, economic or political turmoil.We are seeing them all in the USA and the Russians see it here also. Instability reigns in the USA until now!

How can they have a one world government when one or two or three counties will not play ball? Defeat the USA and you can go after Israel easily albeit catastrophically. Russia, once fortified with middle east territories, will fight globalism to the end as long as Putin is in power or a long as a so-called workable arrangement can be agreed to. The “agenda” will consider this temporary no matter what Mr. Putin thinks. This agreement may be entered into as an alliance against Israel. Leaving her last and biblically creating the final scenario.

As a follower of Christ Jesus I believe, via the election, we have been given a reprieve from the onslaught of globalism. We have not defeated it! There is only One who will do that.

What will we do with this tenuous at best global political hiatus? Is the Word of God not true? Will evil not have its hour at some point in time? Will the return of Jesus the Messiah not be a rescue mission? What must we be doing? Dare we bask in the relief of this moment? What is our exit strategy to be? Exit strategy? Is there one? Oh yes.

Did you know that Russia was a Christian nation hundreds of years ahead of us? I have studied this, my (wife) Janis and I taught in Russia in a bible college, we have seen and lived around the people of Russia for weeks at a time over four different years. They are a proud people living in humble circumstances for the most part. Their history is that of struggle but their commitment to protecting their faith is paramount. Globalism will replace that religion with something else both there and here if the pawns have their way. The Russians have been resisting this attack all along. We have only just resisted in the recent election! How have we been so blind until now? Or were we deceived and after eight years of observations we took advantage of our chance to rectify our situation?

Only now might Mr. Putin see some relief in the election of Mr. Trump, one he could walk along side of in peace, seeing Mr. Trump’s strength as a type of guard rail but also finding some agreement once the globalist threat has been set aside? Having a worthy peer has often led to peace out of respect.

Many in the establishment leadership of the USA are very concerned about Russia and always have been. I respect their experience and yet I call them to ask why Russia has felt threatened by us all these years? Look at their individual leaders as well as ours. Look at their respective agendas. Look at the history of each. What was the fruit of their leadership across the globe? What peace did they bring or not? Both Russian and American leaders have influenced our world. Their motives and agenda’s mean everything. This is why it is important now to have some if not much significant agreement in matters that are a comfort, for as long as we can. Nobody is drinking the cool-aid. We are all drinking Coca-cola, if you catch my drift.

There is a day coming when darkness will rule and no man can work (spiritually) even when he wants to. I do not believe it will be because of Mr. Putin or Mr. Trump although they are playing their part in God’s agenda. Let us not hasten it either. Let us pray for the people of Russia and all nations. They are not our enemies. Agenda’s against God are our enemies. We must resist these personally first, applying the love we have been freely given, then apply love as nations who call ourselves Christians. We will all be far more trustworthy in the eyes of our neighbors.


Merry Christmas and Peace to you all, in Jesus name.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

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