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Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

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Most of Nato is Globalist, Russia’s enemy. Who leads NATO?

In the shadows, but characteristically, much of NATO and Europe has become Globalist in their agenda, by choice or by manipulation. Nationalism or Patriotism is the enemy of Globalism. In that light now look at Trump, Putin and Netanyahu, all nationalist Patriots. Who still remains?

Putin is a Nationalist / Patriot. He loves Russia and will do anything to protect it. That is obvious.

Ukraine has been a hotbed of activities that include bio labs, money laundering, big money bribery, remember Biden’s 6 Billion dollar bribe when he was VP?

Like in America, the Ukrainian people are not the problem, it is the underlying corruption. Corrupt influences helped produce the fake Russia collusion dossier used against Trump by Clinton. Putin knows how globally influenced Ukraine is. The Globalist influences have been well in place and growing. Unless you are totally naive, Globalist forces are behind the pandemic. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” China has joined the Globalist forces as enemies of America. The Globalist agenda is behind all the crazy, destructive and immoral policies of Biden’s administration. What’s more, they must make very serious progress in establishing that agenda while they can. Putin (at the moment) is last man standing and sees this!

America’s system has capitulated to the authority it has ordained by vote. Legitimate vote or not, we are seeing UN-Godly destructive policies and violations to a Constitution that is being thrown aside as toilet paper, after wiping the likes of Nancy Pelosi’s posterior!

This same force is getting too close to home for Putin. He must be made to look like the bad guy “this man can not stay in office” says Joe Biden the Globalist. Why? Because America, Russia, and Israel are the surviving nationalist countries that the Globalists must bring down. Currently they have America. That’s right! We live under a Globalist government and we… (supposedly) elected them.

A major wrench in their plan was Trump! In America, a pro America first agenda brought the globalists to a screeching halt. George Soros and the Globalist cabal could not let that happen again. Biden mysteriously ( or not so) wins.

Putin knows Obama, Biden and Hillary and he knows what they stand for. The Russian dossier was made to be so ridiculous that Clinton fell for it, to their own demise. The Godless one world agenda is their agenda. They have even taken Lucifer as a mascot! They don’t believe in God why should they really believe in the devil? America, Russia and Israel have long chosen Yahweh. They are Lucifer’s disciples via their policies. Note the two comparable one-world governments. They are giving Yahweh (God) the proverbial finger.

As long as Trump was President, Putin knew Russia was safe because Trump is a Nationalist Patriot like Putin.

Putin knows the last Presidential election was “fixed” by the Globalist cabal. Putin has not seen any correction or prosecution of the guilty. Putin is now hedging his bets via Ukraine a Globalist puppet. The plight of the masses is a smoke screen for the Globalists. All that is going on in the power realm is hidden. The Globalist’s care little for the population since eliminating the population worldwide is a focus.

Putin does not see how a conservative President can be elected again in America because of the corrupt election results. He thinks the Globalists will simply do it again. Will we allow that?

Putin has observed the desecration and destruction of the American economy and our moral strengths, while the elite of our economy, the Globalist’s, prosper at the people’s expense and harm. Putin is shaking his head in wonder that the great American people would allow such a thing.

Putin sees a Vaccine “mandate” that is not a mandate at all but a weapon to bring the population under the thumb of a few, a few Globalists. A mandate is by definition a command, also, the will of the voters as expressed in an election. The latter is what I identify with because there is no law supporting the “do this or else” order being brandished as a sword at our throats.

The policies of the Biden Globalist administration are antithetical to the well being of America and the Constitution. Putin knows this and he fears the same for Russia. Desperate people do desperate things. He feels alone against the Globalists. No wonder he turned to the Chinese.

The Canadian condition only exacerbates his conclusions. He stands alone. It is likely impossible for Putin to see America resurrected via a fair election. Whats more, the way the Globalists are attacking Putin / Russia is through economic means. This is a test run for the One World Globalist administrations means of enforcement!

Believe me Putin is hoping to survive while waiting for the next American election to see if America has come to its senses. Conservative Americans must take back both houses of Congress and impeach and arrest the traitors.

If America does not, I repeat, does not fully prosecute these American traitors, these vow breaking elected criminals, these deserters of the Constitution, unto death or imprisonment, then an EMP attack by Russia is likely our next experience as a Globalist led nation leading the other Globalist nations. It is an Alamo scenario for Putin. Do not doubt it.

On the other hand, should Conservatives take control, true non-Globalists, China could likely launch that attack against the USA. Putin and Russia should know and be assured they will also be a sure target of China with follow up military actions by China or an ally of theirs. In fact, America is in a squeeze play of sorts.

America, Russia, and Israel have been the major holdouts against Globalism. Look where we are, our condition as a nation. Our own laws are being used against us! Not so much the letter of the law but the authority we have given elected officials who secretly had an agenda against America. We trusted them even if by them deceiving us, and now they are going all out “mandating” policies by fiat that violate our freedoms. They are implementing control the likes of which we have never seen. They will not stop and that may be God ordained!

World domination is the Globalist plan. It can not happen when there are countries that will not join in. America, Russia, and Israel and our way of life was the arch enemy of their agenda. Now “We have met the enemy and he is us!”

ONLY a national realization of these facts will open our eyes to their subtleties and clandestine efforts that have filtered into our society. We must start to recognize who is behind the curtain and has been for a long time, over decades and through many elections.

Many will hate this but, only the realization of how many things Trump was and is right about might bring us to a new conclusion. He really is the true President and a military action to arrest the traitors while placing Trump back in power is fully rational and just. I say Constitutionally just.

The Globalist’s controllers at the uppermost levels in Tech, Finances, Military, Entertainment, Pharmaceuticals, Business, Government, and even religion, dictate to those below at the threat of their personal security. A large segment of people fall into a certain personality profile. 78% are “Phlegmatic.” These people get the job done. “Just tell me what to do.” Guess what their number one fear is? LOSS OF SECURITY!

Many Godless peoples follow via Globalist indoctrination with appealing and selfish positions. Even those who claim God as their own God have been deceived because of their immature relationships with God and the Word of God. “They know not what they do.” Warning, that excuse no longer applies with God.

The wide spread guilt, the rampant violation of their oath to support the Constitution is the uniform violation that stands out among the elected. Everything else they are doing supports those charges, be it bribery, lying under oath, seditious behavior and planning, a planned virus attack on the population, the intended poisoning of the citizenry via vaccines.

Even simply and unilaterally ignoring the Constitution by launching a multi year impeachment attack on a sitting, duly elected President, is evidence. They compounded their guilt by illegally spying on Trump. They had no legal right to do so. Everyone who colluded in this coup attempt must be tried as traitors, executed and or imprisoned by a video recorded military tribunal. The public can be shown later where proof of their guilt is evident and their punishment is justly exacted.

The Globalists have planned this for decades. Peace and prosperity was their elixir against us seasoned with little events like assassinations, gas shortages, election of their cohorts, the Bushes, Clinton’s, Obama’s, Biden’s and an orchestrated financial collapse in 2008. Yes! They have pulled out all the stops with Biden by the complete reversal of our national condition and have done so by the authority of our system and one front man, their man, Biden.

Trump set everything back. The Globalist’s can not let that happen again. Putin knows this. If America goes down Russia is next. China is the enemy Putin is “keeping closer,” as Don Corleone said. Israel, mark my words and the Word of God, will never go down. Jesus will return just in time, removing all the bad guys! Matthew 13: 40-41.

If Trump is as smart as I believe he is, Trump made a secret Nationalistic / Patriotic non-aggression pact with Putin against China. If they attack us Putin attacks them and vice versa.

Maybe Trump will call Vlad and have a little talk about changes in America in the 2022 and 2024 elections.

I personally believe this dark scenario we see growing may be the “End times” the word of God describes. Am I, are we, allowed to pray against the Word of God? I cannot. I must pray, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done….. as Jesus taught us.

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Exit Strategy End Times: “Globalism versus Nationalism or the Clintons and Obama versus Mr.Putin and President Trump. “

blowing shofar3“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

It is imperative that a good general know who the real enemy is. We are involved in a battle of Globalism versus Nationalism, the Clintons and Obama, versus Mr. Putin and President Trump. It is reality that this estranged quartet is representative of larger forces.

Ultimately as with most stories told, there are good guys and bad guys. What separates the two is definitive, it is paramount. The intelligence a good general has available, will define his path of defense as well as offense. A distraction can be deadly, for many.

Isis is a distraction. Yes it is a real and deadly distraction, one that must be dealt with and the more severely the better. Is Russia a distraction or might Russia be the most significant of comrades. It depends on who the real enemy is.

I have posted before of Mr. Putin’s Christian upbringing and his absolute adversity to globalism. See these recent posts also.







In one of these posts you will read, “Our Christian basis was reassuring to most other nations, even our enemies. During the past 60 or so years our flagrant involvement in wars, the horrific assassinations of leadership, the renouncing of God and Christ on a societal level by a presumed law of separation, by the blood letting of millions of helpless babies, and in a swelling tide of apathy and shrinking impotence, we have frightened nations into separation from us.

We once represented God to the world. We were righteousness in our defense of the helpless. We were the shining city on a hill. Today we are as derelict as areas of Detroit in a multitude of ways.”

“To nations and especially to our enemies, in forsaking God we are forsaken by God “as a nation.” Speaking of nations, this is a scripturally true reaction by God. We see the enemy has not forsaken their faith, even crying “Allahu Akbar,” God is good, in their ravaging and merciless aggression.”

“And again, “If I could ask Mr. Putin anything, I would ask him, “Please Mr. Putin, appeal to Americans, especially Christian Americans, to vote for Trump. Tell them Christianity is a common ground that the people of America could re-establish and make peace a possibility where no possibility of peace seems likely now. Voting for Trump makes this possible. Turn away from globalism by turning away from Clinton because a One World Order, a one world religion, is opposed adamantly by Russia, and will be met with serious resistance.”

Today we see adversity to Mr. Trump’s policies even among his fellow party members. I believe this resistance may be sincere in some cases however I know much of this hindrance is based on support for globalism.

For decades the globalists have cultivated positions in both parties to hedge their bets so to speak. It did not matter who won the election. This includes some Republicans in congress but not all Democrats. Republican Senator Marko Rubio stated on camera during his campaign “I am a globalist.” He might defend that statement with mitigating understanding however he did say it.

No doubt the globalists believe they are right. The fact is the world is starting to recognize this counterfeit of the future millennium with Christ and the ramifications of the globalists’ ungodly rule. In its intolerant hatred, death and destruction to Christians specifically, our hearts will be tested with a ruthless venom, poisoning the hearts of less prepared Christians with hatred unto eternal death.

Other religions will capitulate to the one religion that will seem to prevail. Death is the only option. The UN will be the governing body initially, managing a one world military. Christian generals will not be in place.

Russia needs America to be restored in heritage as well as economically. If we lose she loses. Christianity is our common ground. Petty religious differences here and there must give way to the law of the Spirit of Life, Romans 8:2. We must become of one mind and one Spirit.

Do we want Globalism and man’s ungodliness or do we want our nation to become great again by returning to the spiritual values that gave credibility and power to our fledgling nation. Russia has been a Christian nation for 700 plus years. She has already dealt with her apostasy with Lenin, Stalin and others. We are now reeling from a similar flight from righteousness. We must choose to return and with fervor.

America is still airborne, we have not crashed and burned yet, we have a new pilot and he is seeking a familiar place to land. Will the American people build that emergency landing strip by contacting our elected officials demanding they support President Trump, or will our apathy justifiably kill our nation as well as Russia?

In one of those posts I wrote, “If Hillary Clinton wins, Russia will launch an EMP attack against us.” She did not win, however, this still means if, in spite of President Trump being elected legitimately, forces act to cripple his efforts and our presidency, covering their “swamp paranoia” by acting as supporters while knowing their true heart is not with this “arrogant egotist” then Putin will know the globalist agenda lives on as a threat to Russia and will act accordingly. However, in doing so, the world will shudder, Israel will be unprotected, and the pandemic release of restrains protecting Israel will initiate forces beyond our comprehension; released in her favor.

Please consider this quote from “The Russians’ Daily Bread by Larissa Petrova, page 146, She writes, and quotes,

“Yale Richmond commented upon the Russians’ extremism. “When emotions are displayed they (Russians) are spontaneous and strong. Russian hospitality can be overwhelming, friendship all encompassing, compassion deep, loyalty long lasting, drinking heavy, celebration boisterous, obsession with security paranoid, and violence vicious. With Russians, it is often all or nothing. Halfway measures simply will not suffice.” (Y Richmond, From Nyet to Da, p 44)

I am waiting for Rush Limbaugh to address Globalism versus Nationalism more clearly. We must take an open stand against globalism and seek the preservation of our nation via nationalism and our inherent characteristics and mores. Let us support elected officials and other nations in their patriotism, especially Russia and Israel.

Especially we three nations, America, Russia and Israel and other Christian nations wise to the scheme we are addressing, hold back an onslaught against Christianity and Nationalism. This darkness will come some day and have its hour of power. It may even come sooner by our enlightened resistance to it, as it will be no holds barred any longer by our adversaries. Still we must resist in the name of Christ, and the Christianity we bow to; believing that God by the election has mercifully granted this reprieve, lighting a path back to Him as a nation.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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Exit Strategy End Times: “Putin appeals to USA Christians, “Vote for Trump!”

blowing shofar3

Putin appeals to USA Christians, “Vote for Trump!”

“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

Instead of prayer this AM I was told to go to my office and write. I did pray briefly for inspiration. I turned to my bible which had lain open all night.

The pages had been turned from where they were in Isaiah to Jeremiah? The ceiling fan had moved the pages. Even as I write, the one page is flipping back and forth not just in one direction as one might expect. How so many pages were turned I can only guess. The same fan has not moved any pages since I sat down.

As I read, I am compelled to write to you. Note these verses and read for yourself later.

Jeremiah 17:9-27, 18:1-23, 19:1-15, 20:3. Key words there are as follows.

Deceitful hearts, unjust fortunes, forsaking Sabbath, destruction of gates, God relents, God withholds good, east wind scatters, God turns His back, Potter’s jar purchased, because they have forsaken, killed their babies, the jar (what was purchased) to be broken beyond repair, calamity “because of stiff-necks so as not to heed My Word,” the prophet beaten and put in stocks by priest, priest is called by God, “Magor-missabib” meaning “terror on every side,”  finally, captivity into Babylon.

The prophet feels deceived, used, he says, “O LORD, You have deceived me and I was deceived; You have overcome me and prevailed. I have become a laughingstock all day long; everyone mocks me.” And later he says, “But if I say, “I will not remember Him Or speak anymore in His name,” Then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; And I am weary of holding it in, And I cannot endure it. Jeremiah 20:7, 9.

The prophet continues, “For I have heard the whispering of many, “Terror on every side! Denounce him; yes, let us denounce him!” All my trusted friends, watching for my fall, say: “Perhaps he will be deceived, so that we may prevail against him and take our revenge on him.”  “But the LORD is with me like a dread champion; and further on he says, Yet, O LORD of hosts, You who test the righteous, Who see the mind and the heart; Let me see Your vengeance on them; For to You I have set forth my cause.”  Jeremiah 20:10-12 (NASB)

My last two posts have been about Putin and Trump. In learning more about Putin, I posted links about his Christianity. In recent times there has been concern about an EMP attack on the USA. This, in my opinion would be a last resort move by Russia. I did not see any cause until this AM. I mentioned a cause in previous postings but only today did I see a clear and present danger not only to the USA but also to Russia. This thought came to me.

“If Clinton is elected, Russia will launch an EMP attack against USA.” I added the thought, “and may attack Israel at the same time?”

Russia knows Clinton is morally bad and corrupt (definition of depraved) and cannot be trusted. She has an agenda. The country electing her will provoke him. To whom can he turn, he sees himself as a Christian, and she is anti-Christian! If the USA votes for her (depravity,) we are truly depraved as a nation and like the potter’s jar; we will be broken beyond repair, taken into captivity. “The chosen” will be, “the purchased” by God will be, broken beyond repair. Our nation as we have known it will fall.

The globalist agenda of many, especially Hillary Clinton, is synonymous with an anti-religion, and particularly an anti-Christ agenda. The injustice, the obstruction of justice, and the wide spread deception among Americans as to who America is only serves to pollute further the opinion of the world.

Our Christian basis was reassuring to most other nations, even our enemies, during the past 60 years. Our flagrant involvement in wars, the horrific assassinations of leadership, the renouncing of God and Christ on a societal level by law, gradually over the last 60 years, in a swelling tide of apathy and shrinking impotence, has frightened nations into separation from us. We once represented God to the world. We were righteousness in our defense of the helpless. We were the shining city on a hill. Today we are derelict in a multitude of ways. In forsaking God we are forsaken by God “as a nation.”

If I could ask Mr. Putin anything, I would ask him, “Please Mr. Putin, appeal to Americans, especially Christian Americans, to vote for Trump. Tell them Christianity is a common ground that the people of America could re-establish and make peace a possibility where no possibility of peace seems possible now. Voting for Trump makes this possible. Turn away from globalism by turning away from Clinton because a One World Order, a one world religion, is opposed adamantly by Russia, and will be met with serious resistance.”

In recent years Russian has come to believe the USA is a proponent of the NWO, new world order. As a citizen, (of America) I was not aware of this. Then I looked at who we have elected. Are we? As Christians are we proponents of the NWO? Oh the NWO may happen according to the Word, but are we to promote it by electing its agents and their abortion beliefs? Even the trophy Christian Hillary Clinton has chosen for VP, as a Catholic, has turned his back on church beliefs regarding abortion by associating with the Democratic Party.

Depravity is destruction. We pray for America to be restored. I ask, restored to what? In the early years of America we actually were a Theocracy. God and the Word dominated our societal mores and directions. Much good came of it. Republicans pushed the Civil Rights Movement along with Dr. Martin Luther King, a dedicated, peaceful, Republican. So who are blacks voting for, or women for that matter? We all have been deceived. Shall we stay deceived?

We are the purchased pottery. Shall we be a vessel of honor or be broken beyond repair.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


    Exit Strategy

   We initiate the return of Christ!  (The E-book)

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