End Times Exit Strategy Daniel 12

Return of Christ, Rescuing our own from the Apostasy

Exit Strategy End Times: “Globalism versus Nationalism or the Clintons and Obama versus Mr.Putin and President Trump. “

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blowing shofar3“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!”

It is imperative that a good general know who the real enemy is. We are involved in a battle of Globalism versus Nationalism, the Clintons and Obama, versus Mr. Putin and President Trump. It is reality that this estranged quartet is representative of larger forces.

Ultimately as with most stories told, there are good guys and bad guys. What separates the two is definitive, it is paramount. The intelligence a good general has available, will define his path of defense as well as offense. A distraction can be deadly, for many.

Isis is a distraction. Yes it is a real and deadly distraction, one that must be dealt with and the more severely the better. Is Russia a distraction or might Russia be the most significant of comrades. It depends on who the real enemy is.

I have posted before of Mr. Putin’s Christian upbringing and his absolute adversity to globalism. See these recent posts also.







In one of these posts you will read, “Our Christian basis was reassuring to most other nations, even our enemies. During the past 60 or so years our flagrant involvement in wars, the horrific assassinations of leadership, the renouncing of God and Christ on a societal level by a presumed law of separation, by the blood letting of millions of helpless babies, and in a swelling tide of apathy and shrinking impotence, we have frightened nations into separation from us.

We once represented God to the world. We were righteousness in our defense of the helpless. We were the shining city on a hill. Today we are as derelict as areas of Detroit in a multitude of ways.”

“To nations and especially to our enemies, in forsaking God we are forsaken by God “as a nation.” Speaking of nations, this is a scripturally true reaction by God. We see the enemy has not forsaken their faith, even crying “Allahu Akbar,” God is good, in their ravaging and merciless aggression.”

“And again, “If I could ask Mr. Putin anything, I would ask him, “Please Mr. Putin, appeal to Americans, especially Christian Americans, to vote for Trump. Tell them Christianity is a common ground that the people of America could re-establish and make peace a possibility where no possibility of peace seems likely now. Voting for Trump makes this possible. Turn away from globalism by turning away from Clinton because a One World Order, a one world religion, is opposed adamantly by Russia, and will be met with serious resistance.”

Today we see adversity to Mr. Trump’s policies even among his fellow party members. I believe this resistance may be sincere in some cases however I know much of this hindrance is based on support for globalism.

For decades the globalists have cultivated positions in both parties to hedge their bets so to speak. It did not matter who won the election. This includes some Republicans in congress but not all Democrats. Republican Senator Marko Rubio stated on camera during his campaign “I am a globalist.” He might defend that statement with mitigating understanding however he did say it.

No doubt the globalists believe they are right. The fact is the world is starting to recognize this counterfeit of the future millennium with Christ and the ramifications of the globalists’ ungodly rule. In its intolerant hatred, death and destruction to Christians specifically, our hearts will be tested with a ruthless venom, poisoning the hearts of less prepared Christians with hatred unto eternal death.

Other religions will capitulate to the one religion that will seem to prevail. Death is the only option. The UN will be the governing body initially, managing a one world military. Christian generals will not be in place.

Russia needs America to be restored in heritage as well as economically. If we lose she loses. Christianity is our common ground. Petty religious differences here and there must give way to the law of the Spirit of Life, Romans 8:2. We must become of one mind and one Spirit.

Do we want Globalism and man’s ungodliness or do we want our nation to become great again by returning to the spiritual values that gave credibility and power to our fledgling nation. Russia has been a Christian nation for 700 plus years. She has already dealt with her apostasy with Lenin, Stalin and others. We are now reeling from a similar flight from righteousness. We must choose to return and with fervor.

America is still airborne, we have not crashed and burned yet, we have a new pilot and he is seeking a familiar place to land. Will the American people build that emergency landing strip by contacting our elected officials demanding they support President Trump, or will our apathy justifiably kill our nation as well as Russia?

In one of those posts I wrote, “If Hillary Clinton wins, Russia will launch an EMP attack against us.” She did not win, however, this still means if, in spite of President Trump being elected legitimately, forces act to cripple his efforts and our presidency, covering their “swamp paranoia” by acting as supporters while knowing their true heart is not with this “arrogant egotist” then Putin will know the globalist agenda lives on as a threat to Russia and will act accordingly. However, in doing so, the world will shudder, Israel will be unprotected, and the pandemic release of restrains protecting Israel will initiate forces beyond our comprehension; released in her favor.

Please consider this quote from “The Russians’ Daily Bread by Larissa Petrova, page 146, She writes, and quotes,

“Yale Richmond commented upon the Russians’ extremism. “When emotions are displayed they (Russians) are spontaneous and strong. Russian hospitality can be overwhelming, friendship all encompassing, compassion deep, loyalty long lasting, drinking heavy, celebration boisterous, obsession with security paranoid, and violence vicious. With Russians, it is often all or nothing. Halfway measures simply will not suffice.” (Y Richmond, From Nyet to Da, p 44)

I am waiting for Rush Limbaugh to address Globalism versus Nationalism more clearly. We must take an open stand against globalism and seek the preservation of our nation via nationalism and our inherent characteristics and mores. Let us support elected officials and other nations in their patriotism, especially Russia and Israel.

Especially we three nations, America, Russia and Israel and other Christian nations wise to the scheme we are addressing, hold back an onslaught against Christianity and Nationalism. This darkness will come some day and have its hour of power. It may even come sooner by our enlightened resistance to it, as it will be no holds barred any longer by our adversaries. Still we must resist in the name of Christ, and the Christianity we bow to; believing that God by the election has mercifully granted this reprieve, lighting a path back to Him as a nation.

“If we remain in His grip, how far from His heart can we be!”

In the guardianship of Christ,


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